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There's already a movie of God of War that got released in 1999 由 Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.It costed $978 dollars and has arnold schwarzenegger as Ares the god of war and me as Kratos.There was an incident in 1999 and the movie got withdrawn from the stores.There were 6 电影院 in total and a televisionseries but they got removed too.Santa Monica Studios used the incident to steal god of war[the were only hired to deliver the videogame].The 1st videogame is a direct conversion of this movie.The rights are owned 由 Marvel and hasbro and the rights to the 电影院 to sony headquarters...
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posted by johnsgirlalways
Soon God of War Chains of Olympus will be out, well Tuesday it'll come out so just a matter of days and I can't wait. It looks like a really good game that wont let the franchise down. I played the demo and I was surprised 由 the really good graphics it is 由 far the best eye 糖果 for the psp. And so far it seems nothing has been 迷失 from the pass from console to hand-held. But all this talk about Chains of Olympus has made me wanting 更多 What about God of War 3? Well just so happens yesterday I was at my 最喜爱的 site and what did I see God of War 3 coming soon as in this 年 或者 maybe next. So there's something to look 前锋, 期待 to once 你 beat Chains of Olympus.I'll post news about the game once there is some.