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posted by kellyclarkson12
Hazel Williams
She appears in season 1.She is a friend of Blair,until Blair was dethroned as 皇后乐队 Bee.
She is also a friend of Isabel ,Katy and Penelope!
At the snowflake ball,she,Isabel and Penelope decided to publicly humiliate Vanessa!!!Well done to them!
At Jenny's birthday party,she apologizes to Jenny about the Valentino Dress from her mother that Jenny took.
At the season finale,she,Penelope,Isabel and Nelly made Jenny to throw her hat in the ring as to decide for 下一个 year,who is going to become the 皇后乐队 Bee.
She will be also in season 3,as 老友记 with Jenny.
Hazel is played 由 25-year old Dreama Walker
posted by Leightonfan
Differences between the novels and TV series:

In the books, her sibling Erik (spelled Eric in TV series) is older (three years), heterosexual, and attends Brown University; in the TV series, he’s younger (two years), a high school student, and gay.
In the books, Serena came 首页 from boarding school because she got kicked out for not returning for the beginning of senior year; in the TV series, the 电视 version of her sibling, Eric, attempts suicide, compelling Serena to return 首页 (in her junior year).
In the books, Serena’s parents are still married and her mother, Lilian, never...
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posted by Leightonfan
Differences between the novels and TV series:

Blair's mother is a wealthy hostess in the book, she is a designer in the TV series.
In the book Blair has blue eyes while in the TV series, Blair has brown eyes.
Blair has a cat named Kitty Minky in the book. It is note worthy, though, that in the TV series, Roman, her father's lover, named their cat Cat, in reference to 'Blair's 最喜爱的 movie'
Blair's mom dresses very strangely in the books, whereas in the TV series, she is a fashionable woman.
In the books, Blair's father's male lover's name is Giles whereas in the TV series his name is Roman....
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posted by Leightonfan
Differences Between Book and TV Series:

In the book series, she has a shaved head and wears all black attire; in the TV series she has curly hair and has a very bad fashion sense.
In the book series, Vanessa loses her virginity to a guy who works at the club her sister Ruby plays at; they also dated briefly. In the TV series she is still a virgin.
In the book series, she wasn't long time best 老友记 with Dan, since in the 图书 she just moved to NYC from Vermont when she was 15, he is disinterested in her in the first book, because he's always smitten with Serena 面包车, 范 der Woodsen.
In the book series, Vanessa's sister is in a relationship with a man. In the TV series, Vanessa mentions that her sister is in a lesbian punk band.

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