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Just one 日 to spend with you,
To have 你 in my arms, to hold 你 forever,
A wish,a dream come true,
Oh! I would give up my soul, to possess you,
你 are so tender,gentle, yet strong,
When 你 will be here, nothing will ever go wrong,
Give me a chance to open my life before you,
I will 爱情 you, now and forever on,
Like a 星, 星级 shining in the night,
Abating darkness all around,
你 are my knight in shining armor,
Your handsome looks, my eternal charmer!
posted by faenwyn
My Phantom story is sort of strange, so that is why I ask other people if the movie affected them in an unusual way. I have always loved monsters and monster movies. I read Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera English translation when I was 8 and in French when I was 10. I have always been in 爱情 with Erik! Well, for 30 years at least! Once when I was a child I was watching a Phantom movie with my mom and told here that I was going to marry him when I grew up. She was teasing me about 接吻 his ugly face and I told her that I would 吻乐队(Kiss) him with the lights off! LOL! I have since learned that...
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posted by barrel
I first Saw Gerard Butler in POTO and from then on I had to find 更多 about this great actor and sexy man. So now I have just about all his 电影院 and go to see anything he is in. I belong to 2 of his 粉丝 俱乐部 and I enjoy them very much. He is so gorgeous if 你 have not seen Dear Frankie 或者 ATtila, 或者 Dracula 2000 或者 Beowulf and Grendel and 300 and Timeline 你 have got to see them . Everything this man does is great. Its too bad Hollywood can't see it. But like he 说 he don't want to be like them he is his own man. He can sing, he use to have his own rock band when he was younger. He has a 小狗 a pug named Lolita he adores her. He is not seeing anyone and I think prefers to be working all the time His new movie PS ILove 你 was great and Nims Island is out and GAme 下一个 and then he is in Rockn rolla and a new one soon.