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Game of Thrones S5: Visions, Bloopers & 音乐

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Game of Thrones S5: Visions, Bloopers & Music
With the end of the week upon us, and the end of February not far behind, the premiere of 
looms ever nearer. The 44 days spanning between now and the first episode of Season Five may seem like forever, but fortunately, HBO is keeping is us well-stocked in the news department of late, which certainly helps make the time go by faster. It’s been a busy week for 
, with the Season 4 Boxset breaking new records and the  release of the IMAX Experience in the U.K. Still, there is a bit more news to account for before we wrap up the week.
The Three Eyed Raven Sends Its Last Visions
With the release of two quick glimpses into Season Five, HBO has ended its marketing gimmick which sent “visions,” heralding in the new season, to fans. While many found the experience less than satisfactory, with previous “visions” made up of re-cut snippets from the past season, the final “visions” released offered more tangible things to look forward to. Although it is difficult to track down hard copies of the “visions” which are sent to fans through social media accounts and can only be viewed once before disappearing, reports have come that the latest “visions” are of two separate, short scenes from Season Five.  One scene reportedly shows Jon Snow talking to Mance Rayder about glory and pride. The second vision that some received depicted another short conversation, this time between Brienne of Tarth and her squire, Podrick Payne in which Brienne declares she does not want to be a leader but that there is no one good left to follow. Each “vision” ended with the statement that these were the final ones to be delivered until after the premiere of
found unexpected laughter in the dark world of Westeros when a blooper reel was released at Comic-Con. Fans recently got to enjoy more of their favorite actor’s antics and slips of the tongue, when HBO released a second blooper reel earlier this week. Nothing puts a smile on your face like seeing actors break character and devolve into hysterical laughter. Let’s hope that more blooper reels are in the works.
As many know by now,  later this year, HBO is releasing a second album, inspired by 
. We got to experience a sample of one of the songs which will be in the album when the band Killswitch Engage posted a short sample of their song “Loyalty” on their instagram page. The song centers around House Martell, and the few lyrics that can be heard in the sample suitably echo the words of the Martells, “unbowed, unbent, unbroken.” The song sounds great, and it will be exciting to hear the other musical offerings the album will have. 
will be released on the music sharing website, Soundcloud on March 17. Listening to it should be a perfect way to get ready for Season Five.
Let’s hope that this weekend will bring us new exciting tidbits from Westeros…it’s about time for another trailer! In the meantime, there’s lots to look forward to as spring begins and 
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