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Ross: I would 日期 her but there is a big age difference.
Joey: Well think about it when you're 90...
Ross: I know, she'll be 80 and it won't be such a big difference.
Joey: No. What I was gonna say is when you're 90 you'll still have the memory of what it was like to be with a 20-year-old

Phoebe: [Right after playing a song in the coffee 商店 ] If 你 want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer.

Ross: [receiving his 圣诞节 gift] 你 got me a cola drink.
Chandler: And a 柠檬 LIME.
Ross: 你 shouldn't have. I feel like I should get 你 another...
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posted by moncler89
Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang “is a dream of every little girls ,order to allow 更多 girls can achieve this aspiration, June 2011, Vera Wang’s White 由 Vera Wang formally released parity series 一行, 一条线 Wedding Dresses . The price close to the every people, the 设计 always favorably.

This series of autumn and winter 2011 Ball 袍, 礼服 Wedding Dresses , contains a large 花 bow, wrapped in embroidered 花边 领, 衣领 design, every detail to increase the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. Especially the particularly true 幻想 style 领, 衣领 design, and the 2012 spring and summer series of...
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posted by valandvic4ever
Enjoy this fun, fast-paced quiz, courtesy of Facebook, which pairs 你 up with the 'F*R*I*E*N*D*S' character (or blend of characters) that best matches you. Find out if 你 have the intellectual side of Ross, Joey's sex appeal, 或者 Chandler's sense of humor. Are 你 as controlling as Monica, fashion-savvy as Rachel, 或者 do 你 have Phoebe's 随意 outlook on life? Answer the 10 问题 below and discover who's your best...ahem...friend.


1. How would 你 like to spend a Saturday afternoon?
a)Cooking a fancy dinner
b)Shopping of course!
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When I first heard 老友记 was ending, I was in denial. I refused to read magazines that mentioned it and didn't want to watch any 粉丝 made 视频 that were made in dedication of the ending of Friends. After I left the denial stage came anger. I spent a very long amount of time composing a letter about how fantastic 老友记 was and how ending it would be a huge mistake. (I chickened out in the end and didn't send it, but it is the thought that counts, right??) Then, once I realized this wasn't just a bad dream, I started signing every petition I could find saying that I wanted 老友记 to stay!!...
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Phoebe, cuz she is sooo awesome, i luv her hair, and i think tht wen she is a bit gallable, its really funny, and the way she tinks, and how she remembers her past lifes, and her believes, there soo funny, but cool.

Joey, cuz he is awesome, he is a little bit stupid, but thts wat makes him funny, o, did i mention he is funny, and he believes wat he thinks is right, and he doesnt really fit in, but thts wat makes him special.

Rachel, she is always going, i 爱情 ross, i h8 ross, i 爱情 ross, i h8 ross, and its always funny 2 go from an episode, where is is really pissed of at ross, 2 1 where...
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just a short soapbox but i think a important one for the sanity of some of us

over the past few weeks the same 问题 has been asked over and over again

should joey have been with pheobe?
judging 由 all the results of these picks










the answer is no they are better off friends

now i'm not having a go at the people who made these picks but i was just using these as an example as there a lot of repeat pick on 老友记 about exs and couples so i'm just asking people to at least have a look and see it there pick had been asked recently before they add it

and as we are...
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posted by nandacavalieri
Well, to make 老友记 fans’s life easier, I made this 列表 with all (or at least all that I could find) spots related to Friends

Chandler-> link
Monica-> link
Rachel -> link
Phoebe-> link
Ross-> link
Joey-> link
Fat Monica-> link

The Girls of Friends-> link
The Boys of Friends-> link
Monica and Rachel-> link
Joey and Chandler-> link
Chandler and Rachel-> link
Phoebe and Joey-> link
Phoebe and Monica-> link
Ross and Monica->link

Ross and Rachel-> link
Monica and Chandler-> link
Joey and Rachel-> link
Phoebe and Mike-> link...
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posted by i-love-tv
Ross And Rachel

Ross and Rachel are so made for each other its written in the stars.

Ross has been in 爱情 with her since highschool and then as they grew older they kept falling and in and out of love. Ross even 说 rachels name at his own wedding to another women for gods sake.

But they kept falling for each other at the wrong times, like Rachel fell in 爱情 with ross when he was going out with Julie, then she fell back into 爱情 with Ross when he was going out with Emily.
She even tried to tell Ross she loved him 分钟 before his own wedding with Emily.

Then Ross was in 爱情 with Rachel when...
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嘿 guys!

I know these 老友记 stars have become a special entity to ignore, as they have purely allured all of us, 由 way of their magical personas. If you’ve ever missed any of the past episodes of this 流行的 show, Watch 老友记 episodes here.

Jennifer Aniston - Friends

The blog post makes it very obvious that the sexy 星, 星级 Jennifer Aniston, whom we don’t miss to catch via 老友记 episodes online, is having a merry time, after pulling together two movies- ‘Horrible Bosses’ and ‘Wanderlust’ to her kitty.

On the same side, the rumors of her being stripped for both the 电影院 are touching...
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Ross- I know! What are the odds! Rach… could could I ask 你 something…?
Rachel- Of course!
Ross- If 你 found out 你 were pregnant in Paris, would 你 have come back?
Rachel- Of course! It would have been an excuse to come back, I actually didn’t think of staying there long anyway. I know before that I wanted to be successful, but I don’t 爱情 fashion as much as I 爱情 you.
Ross- Oh, Rach! 你 爱情 me 更多 than fashion!? Even Prada and Luis Vuitton and Gucci?!
Rachel-… Don’t tempt me!....Hey, where’s Emma?
Ross- Oh, I put her down for a nap.
Rachel- Good, she needs her sleep, waiting...
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嘿 there 老友记 fans!

I’ve got an important announcement to make:

I’m planning to make a musical tribute to our 最喜爱的 显示 of all times. I just recorded an acoustic instrumental of the theme song “I’ll be there for you” and I’m looking for 老友记 粉丝 from all over the world to collaborate with me and just sing along to it (and record this; video + audio).

So together, we can create one of the greatest tributes to this amzong show. And maybe…we’ll make a difference (Reunion..?).

All 你 need to do is to download the track, sing along to it and record yourself (video and audio)....
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posted by 4everMondler
This is slightly based of "TOW all the resolutions". Let's say Emily is here from 伦敦 and Danny is here too but he and Rachel aren't dating anymore

Chapter 14 - 1998: New year, new wishes


" Joey, Joey. We are married but want to 吻乐队(Kiss) when the ball drops because with the baby coming, we probably won't be able to do this ever again" Chandler tells his friend. "Okay just let me think of something" Joey answers. He goes over to Rachel and says, "Rach I wanna 吻乐队(Kiss) 你 at midnight" "Oh sure of course" she 答案 in a romantic way hinting...
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I'm 22 years old, and I have been a 老友记 粉丝 since I can remember. I grew up with FRIENDS. While other kids were watching,idk,whatever cartoon was big back in the 90's, I can remember staying up late just to watch Friends. I was born in the States but lived in Ecuador for a while, and I remember watching the series in spanish =)... When we moved to the US, I was 8, one of the places I wanted to go to was Central Perk haha, not to 迪士尼 或者 Six Flags, but to Central Perk, of course my parents laughed. Well, I lived with Friends, I feel Friends, and its been 6 years since the last episode...
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We laughed till we cried and we cried till we died.
FRIENDS was the greatest 显示 made that changed the world of 电视 forever.
In September 1994 老友记 had begun. For some odd reasons, the ratings didn't go until summer of 1995. That summer changed everything.
更多 and 更多 粉丝 started tuning in to the new show. For the first couple of seasons despite their low budget they still managed to put on great shows for their audience. Then when good money started coming in they had better material to give which made the ratings higher and higher.
Each 年 after that their finales became more...
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Ive been in 爱情 with this 显示 for years. It always made me laugh. Dont think this is corny, but it always gave me a smile whenever I was down. The 表演 is really good. I 爱情 Matthew Perry the best. Man, I wish it never ended. Although I heard they might be making a movie. =). I hope they do.Hmmm....Well I have nothing else to say. Peace.


P.S WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by i-love-tv
from episode 2.06
Shower Song
I'm in the 淋浴 and I'm 写作 a song
Stop me if you've heard it.
My skin is soapy, and my hair is wet,
and Tegrin spelled backward is Nirget.
Lather, rinse, repeat
and lather, rinse, repeat
and lather, rinse, repeat
as needed.

I Play For Me
When I play, I play for me
I don't need your charity
La lalala lalalalalalala
lalala lalala lalalalalalala....

Double-Jointed Boy
...was the double, double, double-jointed boy.

knows all the chords.

Terry's a jerk!
And he won't let me work!
And I hate Central Perk!
You're all invited to bite me!

Smelly Cat (incomplete...
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posted by i-love-tv
from episode 1.01
Your Love
Love is sweet as summer showers
Love is a wondrous work of art
But your love, oh your love,
Your 爱情 is like a giant pigeon
Crapping on my heart.
La la la la la...

from episode 1.07
No power
New York City has no power,
and the 牛奶 is getting sour.
But to me it is not scary,
'cause I stay away from dairy.
LA la, la LA la, LA la...

from episode 1.10
I made a man with eyes of coal
and a smile so bewitchin'.
How was I supposed to know
that my mom was dead in the kitchen?
La lalala laaa la lala La lalala la la......
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