Femme Fatales Character Spotlight ~ U-Go-Girl

DeadlyRose posted on Mar 25, 2010 at 11:16PM
U-Go Girl could teleport herself and others (within a radius of five feet) across the globe, although, this process is physically draining, and she is dependent on a stimulant to keep her energy high enough to continually teleport the team. Unfortunately, overuse of the stimulant throws off her ability to aim her jumps. She often falls asleep after multiple teleports. The longer the jump the more she must rest.
Eddie is U-go-girls alter ego. Eddie grew up in a small town, with no sign of any mutant powers ( I guess other than her bluish skin.) at the age of 15 she became pregnant with a drifters baby, and after telling her parents they decided to pull her out of school and pass off Eddie's baby as her mothers. Eddie's powers apparently developed when she looked at her baby for the first time, and had a sudden urge to be far away. She suddenly ported herself to Hollywood. Eventually Eddie moves to Hollywood to make a name for herself, and works as a waitress/actress untill she falls for X-Force leader Zeitgeist. Eddie then decides to try out for the team under the name Tele-Girl. she became U-Go Girl after she accidentally flashed a crowd during her team tryout and someone screamed, "You go, girl!"

I"m also going to add in that "Edie one day realized that she would wake up in a different place after falling asleep. She subconsciously wanted out of the town, which is why her powers began to manifest" Only because I"m not sure which is true. When I find out for sure I'll edit the entry permanently. =^-^=
 U-Go Girl could teleport herself and others (within a radius of five feet) across the globe, although
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