Fantastic Four Fantastic 4 夹克 For Sale **VERY RARE**

mdbleeds posted on Oct 11, 2010 at 03:21PM
Mark Ecko Limited Edition Fantastic 4 Marvel Jacket For Sale. Bought in 2001 from New York for $130, impulse buy when I was taken over by America fever but when i got back to England realised it was too "Out there" for me, I wore it once, it is in mint condition, no marks, tears, discolouration, it feels rather crisp at it has never been washed as I only wore it for half an hour, it has been in storage since.

You won't find many (if any) of this item on the net, I trawled for hours trying to find anything similar with no luck.

Accepting offers over $200. E-mail for pictures and any further details.

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