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wildsey posted on Aug 02, 2007 at 07:35PM
I am a university student in Hull, UK and I am setting a very important essay for my course in Computer Game Design (those which live in america, it is video games design) and would like your input. I would appreciate if you would like to take part in my essay by helping me research comic book charaters. My essay question is

How have comic book heroes iinfluenced the computer games development in the modern ages and how are they represented throuhout the games they appear in?

All i ask for now is to gain permission from all fans to confirm that you will like to take part and i will input a questionnaire in the near future.

Thank you for readin this


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一年多以前 Saphira333 said…
they have influenced the computer games ther in because people want to become like those characters and they are represented and people wo can make a diffrence in someones life such as being a hero or super hero such as Spider-man or the Fantstic 4
一年多以前 human_torch said…
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