Fantastic Four What Powers whould 你 have?

Saphira333 posted on Jul 03, 2007 at 07:20PM
if you could have the power of of two of the main character (such as being Streachy and Invisable)what powers whould you have?

I would be invisiable so i could go into places you can't normally go and i love to have the power to walk around in flame and fly would you?
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一年多以前 coolguy111606 said…
I would like Invisible Woman's power, and the Things near invincibility and super-human strength.
一年多以前 coolguy111606 said…
Invisible Woman can turn invisible, (obviously), but what's her other power called?
一年多以前 sonicwerehog said…
i would be able to run as fast as sound.
i <3 sonic the hedgehog, so i want to run as fast as him.