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Dean drove full speed ahead, crossing a few red lights. Cas was lying on the backseat, unconscious.
“Dean, slow down, you’re getting us all killed” Sam 说 accenting his words. Dean chose to ignore him and parked the Impala in front of the hospital. He pulled the key out and stepped out. He opened the door to the backseat and dragged Cas out. With Sam’s help he carried him inside the hospital. Since Dean was too much in shock, Sam explained to the doctor what happened.
About an 小时 later, the doctor came to them and they could tell from his expression that he didn’t have good news.
“He’s alive…for now” the doctor started. “But there’s nothing we can do for him. He has taken an incredible amount of heroin, it’s a miracle he’s still alive. He’s fighting, he’s trying to hold on. If 你 want to say goodbye, I wouldn’t wait much longer”
He walked the Winchesters to Cas’ room. “Is there someone else I should inform?” he asked. Dean shook his head. The doctor left them alone and they walked to the bed.
“Hello, Dean. Sam” Cas mumbled hoarse. “I’m sorry for stealing your car…again”
“Ssshhh” Dean whispered.
Cas looked from Dean to Sam. “Are 你 guys alone? Where’s Meg?”
Sam looked at Dean, who looked at Cas.
“She’s busy” he answered vague.
“Can 你 ask her to come?” Cas begged, his voice softer than a whisper.
“No, Cas” Dean responded insensitive. “She’s the reason you’re here in the first place. She doesn’t deserve to say goodbye”
Cas rotated his head to Sam, who stood up. “I have to go do something”
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“How is he?” Derek asked as soon as Damon and Elena entered the Boarding House.
“I’m right here” Damon said. He walked to the 长椅, 沙发 and sank down. Elena sat down 下一个 to him and looked at Derek. “Hey, could 你 go and get some blood”
“Yeah, sure” Derek nodded and he rushed to the basement.
“You feeling better?” Elena asked concerned, taking Damon’s hand.
“I’m fine” Damon 说 short. “Why were 你 in the hospital?”
Elena looked away. Then she looked back. “Who told 你 that?”
“Who do 你 think?” Damon smirked. “He told me not to come, but I’m a little...
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trailer for the 秒 chapter of my TVD story The Host :)
the host
chapter 2 accusations and confusion
april 26 2012
Cas took Ellen’s arm and disappeared. He landed in the ICU, 下一个 to Jo’s bed.
“Warn me if someone’s coming. I don’t know how long this will take” Cas 说 dispassionately. Ellen nodded and walked to the door. She opened it and walked outside.
Cas sank down on the 床, 床上 and lay his hands on both Jo’s temples. He closed his eyes and prayed for Jo to open her eyes.
And she did. At first everything was a blur. She reached out her hand and touched Cas’ face. “Dean?” she mumbled weak. When Cas’ face became clearer she withdrew her hand. “I’m sorry”
Cas didn’t reply, but...
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Meg opened the door of her house and kicked it open. She walked carefully inside and switched the light on. Heather followed her.
Cas was standing 下一个 to the front door, the same 刀 clenched in his hand. He ran to Heather and jumped her.
Heather screamed and Meg quickly turned around.
“No, Cas, wait!” she yelled when Cas tried to stab Heather. “She’s here to help you. She can make the pain go away”
Cas let go of Heather and stared suspicious at Meg. “You’re lying” he said.
“The briefcase” Meg explained. “There’s a medicine in it. Heather can help you. Please, let...
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Kelsey poked her sister to wake her up. Amber opened her eyes and looked around. They were still in the woods and seemed to have spend the night there. Kelsey pulled her sister up and dragged her with her.
“What’s the rush?” Amber asked surprised 由 Kelsey’s speed.
“We need to get 你 somewhere safe” Kelsey 说 agitated, not slowing down.
“Why? Okay, I know I have to be careful for the sheriff and vampire hunters, but I’m not going to get myself caught” Amber said.
“Trust me, the sheriff’s the least of your worries right now” Kelsey said. She ran even faster. “What...
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Jeremy got out of bed, rubbing his eyes and putting on his slippers. He opened his bedroom door and walked downstairs. To his surprise Alaric was already up.
“Morning” Jeremy yawned. “Why up so early?”
“Preparing my classes” Alaric said.
“Come on, Ric, it’s Saturday” Jeremy muttered. “Saturday morning nonetheless. Just come and have breakfast and then 你 can do your homework”
Alaric drank of his coffee. “I’m having breakfast right now” Jeremy shook his head and sat down. He wanted to pour some coffee, but discovered the pot empty. “Seriously?” he 说 looking...
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Damon rushed inside the hospital, carrying an unconscious Elena. He ran to the reception and asked for doctor Fell.
The woman behind the 台, 办公桌 waved at something behind Damon. Meredith walked quickly to them while she signaled at a nurse.
“She collapsed” Damon explained breathless. The nurse rode a stretcher to them and Damon lay Elena down on it. The nurse pushed the stretcher 前锋, 期待 and Damon and Meredith followed.
“What happened exactly?” Meredith asked.
“I’m not sure” Damon started slowly. “She was feeling sick and she lied down on the 长椅, 沙发 and Katherine was going to take...
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“What do 你 mean, she’s gone?”
Cas and Zoey had been told that Daphne was gone.
“She’s not in her room. But we’re searching the entire building and the neighborhood. She can’t get far” the head doctor said.
“How could this happen?” Zoey asked mad. “Don’t 你 have some kind of security system here?”
“She 偷了 a badge. She didn’t have to break into the system. She could just open the door” the doctor explained.
“And who’s the idiot who let her steal his badge?” Zoey asked demeaning.
“He’s waiting in my office” the doctor answered. “He already told me what happened. Listen, Mrs. Moore, Daphne can’t get far. We’ll find her 由 the end of the night”
He walked away from them; he had to go 火, 消防 the nurse.
Zoey looked at Cas. “We need to find her” she said, slightly panicking.
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Meh. Rant #1: Copy-and-paste in fanfiction profiles.
This won't have too many rants, just what I feel on a whim.

I hate copy-and-paste stuff in fanfiction profiles. Seriously. They just clutter up your 个人资料 and make a bunch of meaningless trash.

The stuff that's supposed to make 你 cry? No way. It's not making me cry. Why? Because I've read it a million times. Am I heartless because I don't copy and paste? No. I donate money. I help people. I care about others. I do not copy and paste stupid stuff on my profile. It makes those...
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Chapter 3

I've never had a dream like this befor. It was dark, everything was black. I turned and walked for hours and when i called no one responded to me, only my echo. After hours of walking around i found a mirror and what I saw was horrible. It was me.. but i wasnt awake. My eyes were purple like someone gave me 2 black eyes. I was so pale. My blonde shiny hair was a dull looking yellow. My brown eyes were sad, dull brown, like a 树 after it rains and it has no leaves to protect itself. I gently and slowly touched the mirror. Then it shattered.

I woke up startled and confused. 你 know...
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"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" I scram as I danced on the 表 little a mad person. "GO CAMERON! GO GO GO!!!!" Monnique yelled cheering me on. "What the hell is going on?" Dianna asked. "CAMERON?" she wondered in shock. "What is she- I saw her hanging out with Jake a while ago." Craig said. "Where's Jake?" Dianna asked. "He's out at the store, went to but 更多 drinks cause we were running out." Raquan said. "Do 你 see her up there? She rocking it!" Monnique says with a smile. "No, this isn't what I meant! Cameron doesn't drink." Dianna said. "C'mon, just a little alcohol,...
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With Anna’s help Dean appeared in Daphne’s living room. Anna stayed behind, to try and locate Cas again.
Daphne let out a shriek when she saw Dean.
“What are 你 doing here? How did 你 get in here? I’m calling the cops” she 说 scared.
“Wait, listen, I’m not here to hurt you” Dean said, raising his hands. “I just need to know where I can find your sister”
“Zoey? What do 你 need her for?” Daphne asked defensive.
“Look, I know 你 think Zoey is your God 或者 something, but she’s been playing mind games with you. She’s been manipulating you”
Daphne shook her head. “I...
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It was night and visiting hours were long over, but that didn’t stop Dean from checking on his best friend.
Cas was sitting on the cold floor, his head buried in his knees, trying to make himself as small as possible.
Dean, always armed with a lighter, made some light, because it was pitchdark.
“Hello, in there” he 说 a little nervous.
“Go away” Cas 说 hoarse.
“Sure, I’ll wait for 你 outside” Dean 说 confident.
“Then 你 can wait for a very long time” Cas said. “Because I’m not coming”
“Why not?” Dean asked a bit frustrated. “This isn’t about Meg, is it?”...
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This guy is just sick! I'm serious he needs to be banned! He bashes Yaoi, 矢追 粉丝 and homosexuals in the most sickening ways!
As I was looking up some things of what humans like I heard a big bang and every thing shaking "oh what in the world of humans!?" I went upstairs and saw Gaz and 吉尔 looking at the big box outside my door and a creepy smile came to my lips "Yes it's here my Doomer!" I ran to it and push 吉尔 and Gaz out my way and let them fall to the ground "aghh?! damn bad watch where 你 going!" Gaz stop and saw me 接吻 and hugging the
Huge box and open one eye and look at 吉尔 on ground "HI FLOOR MAKE ME SOME THING GREAT!" Gaz roll her eyes and grab 吉尔 and drag him inside the house "well...
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Meg took a bite from the waffle and frowned. “Did 你 put 浓情巧克力 in it?” she asked, looking up at Cas.
“Yeah, Anna told me 你 liked it as a human and since you’re human again…” Cas explained. “I wanted to do something nice for you”
“Hmm” Meg said, taking another bite from her waffle. “Seems to me that you’re trying to make up for something”
Cas bit his lip and sat down. He took Meg’s hand. “Yeah, I’ve been…quite a jerk to 你 yesterday. But…the pain…it was really bad” he tried to explain.
Meg pulled her hand away. “Yeah, I get it” she answered a...
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