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posted by LisaForde2
 From this
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Hi everyone my name is Eugene Fitzherbert also known as Flynn Rider. As a child I wanted to be a thief as I grew up 阅读 图书 featuring this character called Flanagan Rider(this is how I made up the name Flynn Rider as I got teased with my real name).When I was in my teens I stoled my first thing which was a diamond. I was 老友记 with these two guys known as the stabbinton brothers who were nice but I always wanted to fit in. Years passed and I am now a 25 yr old handsome rogue thief who was about to steal a crown from the palace. ‘Guys I want a castle’ I 说 to one of the...
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 Just look at that face 哈哈
Just look at that face LOL
Ok I admit it I have a crush on a 2D character and do I care ah No I don’t because he is so gorgeous looking. Here are a few things why I think his hot.

#1 The voice: Zachary Levi has such a dreamy voice I could listen to him for days talking. His got a southern type voice.

#2 His witty: This guy has such a great sense of humour I laughed so hard every time he puts on his alter ego’s voice (Flynn Rider) and says hi how are 你 doing the name’s Flynn Rider so how’s your 日 so far huh’ LOL.The kinda reminds me of Jack Sparrow from POTC when his Flynn Rider meets the voice actor Zac Levi....
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