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just to let 你 know that there is a new double album available which includes previously unheard clapton from the 70's. Produced 由 Tom Newman who produced Tubular Bells of the Argonaut Sessions in the 70's.
Featuring Eric, Dave Gilmore, Snowy White and other fab musicians.
Its just been released 由 Wellalright and is available 由 order on internet at .
Amazing stuff, 你 can listen to tracks on the website, check out track 6 on cd2.
Also on the album Paul Jones doing some great harmonica.
posted by BenJaming
Hi fellow Clapton Fans!

I just came across this Clapton's cover in YouTube, and I really enjoyed it, mainly because it is played in a different 音乐 style:


I've been listening to both this song, as well as every piece of art Clapton as made for as to listen, and I really enjoyed this one, because it combines the feeling of the original song, with a fresh new 音乐 style.

Redsocks are one of the most known new acts in Portugal, and besides the strong Clapton influence, 你 can easily pick any other band they remind 你 of, because of the numerous influences they admit to have.

Tell me what 你 think of it =)

Take care! =)

Ben Jamin'