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Eff_xx posted on Jan 22, 2011 at 06:29PM
Round 1.Effy's quotes in the season 3

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一年多以前 Eff_xx said…
She means the truth hurts, Dad.It's for her own good.Otherwise, truth...Boom.

Effy: I mean he's a sensational fuck, yeah.
Pandora: There's a whamma lot of things you don't know about me, Eff. Just because I'm useless don't mean that I'm nothing.
Effy: We're friends because you don't surf and turf my men. You said that.
Pandora: He's not yours, Eff. He never belonged to anyone.
Effy: Shut up.
Pandora: That's why you don't really want him.
Effy: Shut up!
Pandora: He's not the one you want, Eff! See, I know that because I'm your friend but you don't make enough effort, Eff! I'm just there to laugh at. You don't know me. My life, my family, my mum. Why don't you know anything about my mum? I know everything about yours.
一年多以前 Eff_xx said…
JJ: “I love you.”
Effy: “Well, everybody loves me.”
JJ: “That’s a relief.”
Effy: “With the possible exception of darling ma and dad. They don’t love me so good.”
JJ: “Why’s that?”
Effy: “Cos I won’t let them fuck up their lives in peace. So I’m being a total bitch to both of them.”
一年多以前 BiiibBatman said…
these quotes inspire me :X
一年多以前 angel818 said…
"I'm officially off the rails. You should try it."

"I never try."

"You can take anything if you want it enough."

Effy: "Hit me."
Freddie: "Just once. I want to feel something. Hit me!"