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Knowitall123 posted on Jul 01, 2012 at 01:29PM
The setting is a world where people and dragons coexist and both dagons and humans work together to make their lives easier ,but there is an organization who thinks dragons should be destroyed and the way to do it is by creating a virus known as the dragon plague to wipe them out.The plague has been relased and the dragons are dying one by one in an desperate attempt to save them dragon supporters have sent a large noumber of them to an island where the healthy population will live untill a cure is found ,but will the organization stop at this ?

if you wish to join



size: (light weight 1-10 tonnes ,middle weight 10-18 tonnes or a heavy weight over 18 tonnes)

Appearance (or add Picture) :



Special Ability: (can be :a fire breather ,water spitter,acid spitter ,can see in dark or nothing)

Other Facts:

-no magic (It`s much harder without magic ,so don`t take the easy way out)
-dragons learn languages while inside the egg
-dragons take their riders once they hatch ,they may take him/her later ,but the bond won`t be as strong
-dragons care about the eggs ,but not for the hatchlings
-most don`t mate for life
-dragons can live for 200 years ,but as they get older they lose their eye sight and it becomes harder for them to fly

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一年多以前 Knowitall123 said…
Name: Raziya

Age: 5

size: light weight

Appearance (or add Picture) :

rider: none

Personality: friendly

Special Ability: acid spitter

Other Facts: worked as transport dragon
 Name: Raziya Age: 5 size: light weight Appearance (or add Picture) : rider: none Pe
一年多以前 Knowitall123 said…
I was looking at the open see from the deck of the dragon transporter ,they said we were going to a place where we will be safe.I hoped so .
The squirming of other dragons was loud and constant on the dragon transporter and the 200 light weight dragons on it were not happy .It was forbidden to fly and they could only walk on the small overcrowded deck and Raziya shared their opinion, it wasn`t fair and they could see the heavy weight dragons flying every day from their transport so why couldn`t they do the same ?
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一年多以前 braniack said…
Name: Zhar

Age: 26

size: light weight

Appearance (or add Picture) :

rider: dead

Special Ability: fast flyer

Other Facts: worked as a coureire dragon his rider died in an accident
 Name: Zhar Age: 26 size: light weight Appearance (or add Picture) : rider: dead Spe
一年多以前 braniack said…
I was sleeping when someones tail hit me.It was the third time this hour so I gave up and decided to walk around ,but I didn`t get far moving around was hard and I soon gave up and pushed my way to the ships fence next to me stood a young brownish female looking to the sea.
"What`s on your mind ?" I asked ,She looked at me confused
"A lot of things ,like why are you talking to me ?" she said
"You just seamed like good company and like you need someone to talk with.I`m Zhar by the way and you?"
"I`m Raziya " she answered a smile on her face
一年多以前 Knowitall123 said…
I looked at this male, in his prime, well fed, claws sharp and good with words there was usually just one thing on the mind of those dragons.
"What an unusual name ,mind I ask who gave it to you ?" he purred
"I chose it myself ,and what about you who gave you your name ?"
"it was my rider .he thought it was a name that will suit me well.It means ember and has your name any special meaning ?"
"Yes it does it means friendly. Where is your rider now ?I don`t see a mark on you."
"He died some years ago."
一年多以前 braniack said…
I was about to ask her some more questions when the feeding bell rang.It was a complete chaos .to feed hundreds of dragons was hard and feeding them on an overcrowded deck impossible it wasn`t unusual for some of the dragons not to get any food .Me and Raziya pushed our way to one of 10 feeding stations and succeeded in getting something to eat .
一年多以前 Knowitall123 said…
The feeding was almost over when we heard another bell and the information spread like wildfire, we reached area 139 aka The dragon plague island .