The Alliance: Rising Shadows (The Prequel Novel)

dragonsmemory posted on Mar 18, 2012 at 10:12PM
We all know about the war against the Shadows. But how did these Shadows come to be?
Two decades before the events of fight back, RP, a pair of dragon parents, Siik and Fynd, and their son, Thunderhawk, accidentally upset the delicate Balance of the Universe.
To restore the Balance, the Great Ones give Siik and Fynd one last chance. Siik is pregnant with a daughter. The Great Ones give her the ability to restore the Balance, but not on her own.
On the birth of the young dragon, Siik, Fynd, and Thunderhawk discover she is blind.

Elsewhere on Earth, the Shadows grow and multiply, out of the control of their creator. They force some to their will, and kill others. Darkness and despair reign supreme over planet Earth in the years of the Shadows.

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一年多以前 dragonsmemory said…
Dear Reader,
What you are looking at is the "official" prequel. Many stories remained untold at the close of the original roleplay. This tale reveals how the Shadows came, how the dragons of thed Alliance came to be, and a promise, made long ago to one who is dead.
To my friends from fight back, you should soon hear from me. I'll be asking about your dragons.
To everyone else, the time sequence for this book will seem a bit screwy. I'll try to explain. Thhe "present day" of this novel is twenty years before the roleplay. However, this new story detaile events from years past. To tell more would ruin the story for you. On each chapter, I'll make a note of the place and time. Years will be noted as being X amount of years bfb (before fight back).
And, for your reference, fight back took place in modern times.
Enjoy the story!

Johanna Glass
一年多以前 greekgirlA said…
i would if there was a soon and also,...Nemesis has been lie-ing a lot. just her style, sorry.
一年多以前 dragonsmemory said…
I'm working on it. And I've noticed.
一年多以前 greekgirlA said…
any1 who didn't is completely oblivious.
一年多以前 dragonsmemory said…
Very true. In case you were wondering, I'm handwriting it first. That way I can get it just so.
一年多以前 greekgirlA said…
cool,how long before a chap is up, do u think?