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Chapter 6
“Go where?” asked Chichi fixing her hair.
“Somewehere…” 说 Gohan heading out the door. 悟空 and chichi got on their feet heading out the door, then looking the door behind them.
Krillin and Gohan headed to the son family red car. “Ha-ha! Lets go!” screamed Gohan jumping on the red car.
“Ha-ha 你 bet buddy!” screamed back Krillin sitting in the back 座位 with Gohan. Chichi and 悟空 sat at the front driver seats. 悟空 started the engiend with a loud roar. “Goku? Sice wen do 你 have a license?” asked Krillin worried.
“A lis… what?” asked 悟空 confussed.
“A license, 你 need one to drive. All drivers need one…”Goku paused. It got quiet in the car for a moment.
“Maybe Chichi should drive…” cried 悟空 taking off his 座位 belt. Chichi suddenly let out giggles, everyone stared.
“Get me a box with bananas…” she cried out glancing stupidly around her surroundings. Everyone stared at her shocked.
“Uh? Is she allright?’ asked Gohan.
“Maybe I should drive” 悟空 说 starting to slowly take off. While driving 悟空 stared at Chichi curious. Why is she all goofy all of a sudden? Chichi sleeped slowly setting her head on his strong, hard, muscular sholder. Goku’s cheecks flushed bright red. 悟空 layed his head ontop of her’s. Krillin happily let out a sigh.
“Such love…” 说 Krillin with a big smile. Gohan began to blush as well.
“You know they 表演 closer. Ive never seen them so inlove. I guess trying to have a baby brought them closer.”
“What do 你 expect? Enjoy it, because once mom gets pregnant, she will be in a very bad mood. Ha!ha!ha!” Gohan cracked up.
“Hey!” teased Goku. “That is so true!”
“Goku!” Chichi cried hitting 悟空 in the face in a playful manner. 悟空 looked back at her with big 小狗 dog eyes. Chichi’s 心 pounded fast in speed. 悟空 gave her a grin, a grin that he wanted to 吻乐队(Kiss) her badly. “Come here..” Chichi 说 with a big grin, wrapping her arms tightly around Goku’s neck. Goku’s cheecks flushed 更多 red.
“Wait! Wait! Babe! Im driving!” cried 悟空 with a giggle. Chichi released him.“Well hurry up! I want to be with you!”
“You don’t think I don’t!… hey! Your not so goofy anymore!”
“Don’t remind me…” Chichi responded. 悟空 let out a grin still looking at the road. Lots of gigantic green treees appeared. The wind suddenly semmed to become cooler, and there…was the lake. Gohan’s eyes began to water with love.
“Look! Oh im so happy!” yelled gohan with a shaking voice.
“Now these…are good memories…” responded krillin. 悟空 slowly hit the brake, and turned off the car. They all got out and set their foots on the nice, soft green grass. Gohan ran in circles around his father. 悟空 let out giggles. “I guess Goku’s feeling better…” whispered Krillin to Chichi.
“Yeah…” Chichi said. 悟空 jumped ontop of Gohan playfully. Goku’s fingures went everywere over his son’s belly.Gohan keeped on laughing outloud. Gohan tried to escape but his father is too strong! Suddenly Krillin and Chichi noticed that Gohan was almost ging to leave yellow warm liquid. “Okay! Okay! Goku! He will pee!” screamed Chichi with laughs. 悟空 looked up at his wife, suddenly Gohan escaped running to the lake as Krillin followed.
“You want me to tickle 你 next?” 悟空 asked teasing her. Chichi laughed sitting 下一个 to her husband. 悟空 wrapped his arm lightly around her sholder. Chichi glanced up at him with love, as she sweetly smiled.
“Were alone…” whispered Chichi.
“Yeah…” 悟空 whispered lowering his head. Their noses pressed together as their face did. Goku’s lips brushed Chichi’s lips lightly. 悟空 could not believe how sweet she tasted. Chichi’s head went spinning wenever hands crassed over her. All of sudden Chichi saw trunks.
Chichi’s lips rapidly slid away from Goku’s.
“No Trunks! Not again! don’t 吻乐队(Kiss) me again!” Chichi screamed with her eyes shut.
“What?!” shouted Goku. His eyes suddenly turned bright green. Chichi’s life is over now! “I knew it! I knew Trunks did something! Why did 你 not tell me? Why?!” tears rolled down his eyes.
“Hold on! Goku! Please understand! I felt lonely! I missed 你 so much! Instead of 接吻 him, I saw you! 悟空 I missed you!” 悟空 could not blame her. She was right. He has been gone for so long. Of course she will fell lonely. “Goku, understand!” Chichi continued laying her hand on his. “I only 爱情 you!” 悟空 glanced at her eyes and nodded.
“Sorry Chichi…”
“No!…im sorry.”
“No I am…ive hurt 你 so many times. Im glad that your not so lonely.”
“But Goku…I 爱情 you.”
“I know, you’ve shown me a lot of times…” cChichi began to get a 樱桃 face.
“Do…d…do 你 feel the same for me?” 悟空 let out a grin 展示 her his bright side smile.
“Of course I do! 你 are … my babe.”
“And 你 are my Saiyan” Chichi laughed. “Goku… wen 你 change completely… will 你 ever think of me again?”
“Yes…” Chichi’s cheecks flushed red. 悟空 grined. “Do 你 think… 你 will ever think of me… Chichi?” Chichi completely went red covering her face with her hands! Her face was suddenly splashed 由 cold water.
“Boys! Careful!” Chichi screamed with a frown.
“Boys watch it…” 悟空 said. Gohan and Krillin went running like 马 toward Goku. Chichi stayed with a serious look. She suddenly set her hand on her stomach. Goku, Gohan and Krillin plaeyd around. Chichi started moaning softly, then came soft cries but then they became louder. She painfully suddenly cupped her hand to her stomack. Suddenly Gohan noticed that something was wrong with his mother. Gohan ran toward his mother in a flash. “Chichi! Babe! Help! Help!” screamed 悟空 carring her. Gohan helped as best as he could.
“We are so… dead!” cried Krillin, bursting on his knees.
“Shut up!” screamed 悟空 with a really scary deep voice. Gohan and Krillin stared at 悟空 in fear. “Lets go! Time is not at our side!” screamed 悟空 carring fainted Chichi on his arms.
“Come on!” screamed Gohan running to the car.
“Okay…” Krillin 说 nervous hopping on the back seat. Krillin quickly shut the door. 悟空 quickly layed Chichi’s head oh his knees, so that she could relax. 悟空 cant fly and take ChiChi with him…who knows what would happened to Chichi if he flew and carried her in the air. It is a lot 更多 安全 in the car. Gohan was sooo terrified. How in the world could his mother be pregnant sooo fast?! I mean, that’s impossible! How could she get pregnant in a small amount of time? I guess a saiyan body is different…. Dad is an alien…a saiyan.
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the scene opens with 悟空 and vegeta Jr. trainig in ssj form

Goku Jr:hey you're pretty good

Vegeta jr:you're not half bad either

Mysterious voice:you both are good for your age

Goku Jr:who 说 that?

Goku:that was me, Goku

Vegeta Jr:who are you?

Goku:come with me and I'll explain everything

*they transport away*

????:Hmmm, there are no strong fighters here

*sense the past*

????:but there was a bunch of strong one's here before, lets just bring them back

*the sky turns black and ???? does a weird spell*

*The Z fighters appear*

Gohan:what's going on?

Vegeta:we were dead!

Piccolo:it's impossible for shenron...
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Chapter 19
Chichi began to run the water, she slowly sat Goten on the floor.
“Goten! Baby!” Chichi 说 slowly tapping his cheeck. Goten weakly opened his eyes.
“W-What? Oh!… what happened?” he asked rubbing his head.
“No time…come on, take your guy off!”
“Oh…okay” responded Goten. Chichi gave Gotten a hand, and Goten had to be washed in cold water. He needs to wake up.
Gohan finally arrived at Krillin’s house.
“Krillin!” yelled Gohan, racing to the door.
“What?” asked a voice in the small house.
“Its Gohan!” he yelled. The door knob tilted. Krillin’s face...
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“The years came and went in a blink of an eye… and it was time for me… to blow out the candels once more…”
“One…two…three…happy bitrhday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy bithday to Goten… happy bithday to you!” Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Chiatzu, the Ox King, Bulma, Vegeta Trunks, Chichi and Gohan all sang to Goten. Goten is now five years old.
“Happy birthday brother!” Gohan said, cheerfully wrapping his strong, muscular arms around him.
“Thankyou brother…” Goten responded with a serious smile.
“Oh, guess what I got for you?” asked Chichi taking...
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This story takes place 1 年 after the end of DBZ. Thats also 9 years before GT.

And so the story begins.
An alien race were screaming at the sight of a saiyan. One alien squealed, "Dont hurt us, saiyan! Please spare our people!" The saiyan seemed to have a kind 心 and laughed, "You've got it all wrong. Im not the bad guy. Im a friend. So dont worry." The aliens released a breath of relief. The leader of the race walked towards the saiyan, "For sparing our race, I shall allow 你 to eat 晚餐 with me and my people for a feast." The saiyan's stomach growled, "Sweet. I can always go for fresh...
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Chapter 9

“Blood?…Chichi! Oh no!” shouted 悟空 running out the door. He could not even think straight I mean he could use his transmission…but he could not just think straight right now.
“Did 你 call an emergency?!” screamed Trunks asking his mother in a shivering tone.
“Yes! Yes! Of course I did!” Vegeta came running out the building. All of sudden, they all heard a loud cry. A huge truck came raining down fast with sirens going louder than a lions roar. Doctors quickly carried chichi on a wheeling bed, carring her in the van. The 面包车, 范 began to run but gohan quickly jumped...
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Chapter 7
“Finally, couple of 分钟 later, Daddy had reached the closest hospital, and mommy was emidiatly taken away for help. Haha and the funny thing is that the doctor and the nurses found tme strangely different than a human in my mommy’s belly. I was no human! No! I am 50% human from mommy, and 50% alien 或者 Saiyan from daddy.The doctors immediately looked at daddy and did a D.N.A, then the doctors went screaming like a bunch of monkeys home! If 你 ask me, that’s silly! They thought I was a human baby since I look exactly like one, im half!
Chichi began to cry tears of joy. But...
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Chapter 6
“Go where?” asked Chichi fixing her hair.
“Somewehere…” 说 Gohan heading out the door. 悟空 and chichi got on their feet heading out the door, then looking the door behind them.
Krillin and Gohan headed to the son family red car. “Ha-ha! Lets go!” screamed Gohan jumping on the red car.
“Ha-ha 你 bet buddy!” screamed back Krillin sitting in the back 座位 with Gohan. Chichi and 悟空 sat at the front driver seats. 悟空 started the engiend with a loud roar. “Goku? Sice wen do 你 have a license?” asked Krillin worried.
“A lis… what?” asked 悟空 confussed....
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Chapter 5
Ding dong! Ran the door 钟, 贝尔 at the Son’s house. Gohan came racing down the stairs as fast as a horse. Gohan opened the door in a flash.
“Krillin! Dad! Wow! It sure takes a loong time for both of 你 to just get a dozen of apples!” laughed Gohan, letting his father and his father’s best friend in the Son house.
“Hey! It takes time to choose the correct apples! 你 know how your dad is wenever it comes to food! He craves deeply for food!” Krillin turned his face to Goku, but 悟空 was suddenly gone. The same thing with ChiChi. Krillin stared at Gohan.
“What?” asked Krillin....
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Chapter 4

“Im going!” yelled Gohan with little fists in his hands.
“Oh no your not!” yelled… Goku?! Everyone stared in horror! 悟空 说 no to Gohan? To his son? Usually Chichi would say something like that to her son.
“But…dad?” asked gohan surprised and afraid.
“Listen here! I am your father! And as your father I say no way! Its to dangerous for a little brat like yourself!” Gohan’s mouth grew opened.
“Usually Vgeta would say brat haha!” teased krillin trying to cheer everyone up. 悟空 quickly turned to Krillin with a horrable look in jis eyes. Krillin nervously...
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由 far my 最喜爱的 悟空 AMV
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