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posted by Jayden-G
I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other 迪士尼 Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. 你 can recommend me which couple to do 下一个 in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my 总体, 整体 statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself. I also have a request, just for a little while; please do not recommend a 迪士尼 Renaissance couple? I say this because...
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posted by Swanpride
No, this is not cheating. I know that I 说 that I wouldn’t review Lion King based on the fact that if it’s based on anything at all, it’s based on a play and not a book. And I also know that Peter Pan started out as a play. But: This play was so successful that Barrie also published a novel based on it. Plus, while the play made the figure Peter Pan well known, he actually turned up first in the novel The Little White Bird. See? Not cheating at all.
But it would be naturally strange to ignore the play – I’m a little bit at disadvantage here, though, because I’ve never seen it,...
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King Candy: [puts on glasses] 你 wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?
[Ralph smacks the King with the glasses]
King Candy: 你 hit a guy, with glasses. Well played.

[while attacking Vanellope's kart, King 糖果 tranforms into a fiendish-looking racer]
Vanellope von Schweetz: Who are you?
King Candy: I'm Turbo, the greatest racer ever! And I did not reprogram this world to let 你 and that halitosis riddled warthog take it away from me!

[Ralph is confronted 由 a monsterous King Candy/Turbo/Cy-bug hybrid]
King Candy: Welcome to the boss level!
Wreck-It Ralph: Turbo...
King Candy: Because of you...
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posted by Pyjamarama
Gaston: How can 你 read this? There's no pictures!
Belle: Well, some people use their imagination.

Gaston: This is the 日 your dreams come true.
Belle: What do 你 know about my dreams, Gaston?
Gaston: Plenty! Here, picture this: A rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife massaging my feet, while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six 或者 seven.
Belle: Dogs?
Gaston: No, Belle! Strapping boys, like me!
Belle: Imagine that.
Gaston: And do 你 know who that little wife will be?
Belle: Let me think...
Gaston: You, Belle!
Belle: Gaston,...
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- Anita, darling!

- How are you?

Miserable as usual.

Perfectly wretched!

Where are they?

Where are they?

For heaven sakes,

where are they?

- Who, Cruella?

- The puppies! The puppies.

No time for games.

Where are the little brutes?

It'll be at least three weeks.

No rushing these things.

Anita, you're such a wit.

Here, dog, here.

Here, dog.

Cruella, isn't that

a new 毛皮 coat?

My only true love,


I live for furs.

I worship furs!

Is there a woman in this

wretched worldw ho doesn't?

Oh, I'd like a nice fur,

but there are many other thing...

Sweet, simple Anita.

I know, I know!

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posted by Pyjamarama
These are songs sung 由 迪士尼 Villains. Have fun. There are lots of 迪士尼 Villain Songs available on Youtube.

My friends, we are about to embark on the most
odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme
of my illustrious career. A crime to 最佳, 返回页首 all
a crime that will live in infamy!
[Ratigan:] Tomorrow evening,
our beloved monarch celebrates
diamond jubilee. And, with the enthusiastic help
our good friend Mr Flaversham, it promises to be
night she will never forget. Her last night, and
first, as supreme ruler of all mousedom!

From the brain that brought 你 the Big...
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Chapter 17—Nightmare Bedroom

    Scamp, Angel, Patch, Penny, and Lucky found themselves trapped in the cage that Horace and Jasper locked them up in. The room they were trapped in was a small old bedroom that had beds infested with bedbugs and lacked air conditioning. If the window shade was not left open, it would have been completely dark. A couple of little chairs occupied the room, along with a 台, 办公桌 facing the window. The floorboards were loose and out of place, and it was hard to see anything in the room.
    “This must be meant for only one dog,”...
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Ch. 13—Garbage Cans and Ham Sandwiches

    The car ride with Cruella De Vil was a hard one for the five 小狗 to deal with.
    Patch instantly told Scamp and Angel, “Cruella is dangerous. She’s a real… …. .”
    “Wow, you’re allowed to say words like that?” Scamp asked, impressed. “My family would never allow that. It’s so cool to be able to say things like that without punishment.”
    “We weren’t, trust me,” Patch explained. “My parents are strict on rules."
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Ch. 12- Fenced In

    Lady and Tramp left the park, and passing through the maze of garbage cans and trees, they eventually found Pongo and Perdita.
    “Oh, it’s good to see 你 back,” Perdita told Lady politely.
Lady nodded sadly. “We do need to find the children… and I want to see my Jim Dear and Darling again… and the baby… what will he do without me at home? I… I…”
    “Aww, easy, Pidge, they’ll do all right,” Tramp stated gently.
“Do 你 know of any places where they might be?” Pongo asked.
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Chapter 10- Meeting of the Parents

    That night, Lady and Tramp continued to look hard for Scamp and Angel, unaware that they were so close to finding them prior that evening. “Oh, I just hope they’re all right,” Lady sadly cried. “It’s my fault that they’re all gone. I shouldn’t have been so moody.”
    “Aww Pidge, 你 didn’t do any harm,” Tramp comforted her. “Now why don’t we just settle down for the night? A bit of rest could do us some good. Then we can continue looking tomorrow,” Tramp stated consolingly.
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Ch. 9— The Car of Disguise

    Scamp and the 小狗 with the patch happily giggled before Scamp turned to ask them a question.
    “My name’s Scamp, and she’s Angel. Do 你 know where we are?” Scamp asked.
    “No,” the 小狗 on the left stated. “We’re on a foreign trip, but well… can 你 keep a secret?”
    “I promise,” Scamp told them. 天使 looked at him worriedly, remembering the last time Scamp promised to keep a secret.
    “Well, we’re running away,” the puppy...
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 Sykes (1988)
Sykes (1988)
Sykes has lent a large amount of money to the petty criminal Fagin for some unknown reason, sending his 2 evil Dobermans, Roscoe and DeSoto, to tell Fagin to go up and meet with him. Fagin, unfortunately, finds himself unable to pay the money back, and begs for 更多 time. Sykes tells him that he has three days to find the money 或者 else who knows what will happen to Fagin, his home, 或者 his dogs. Then, he honks his horn to call his 狗 back, which frightens Fagin; causing him to fall off the dock and into the river.

When Fagin learns that Oliver's new owner is exceedingly wealthy, he orders...
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