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Source: Grégoire Guillemin
 Don't call 潮流粉丝俱乐部 superficial. :)
Don't call Fanpop superficial. :)
First of all, THANK 你 so much to the 24+ 粉丝 on this site who participated in my series of "DP personality trait" polls! I was so happy to see so many voters as I wanted this to be a very community-involved thing. Your participation was most necessary and appreciated! :D Your 评论 were even 更多 appreciated and some are 发布 throughout the 文章 as relevant to each trait. [*Note: I am 更多 than willing to remove any 评论 upon simple request from commenter.]

In the series of polls, the last one was not pertaining as specifically to the DP itself but 更多 the film around the DP...
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Last time I wrote this 列表 《勇敢传说》 and 《冰雪奇缘》 hadn't been released so now I'll write this 列表 with them included, hope you'll like it

12. Pocahontas

This scene is amazing to look at, no wonder many people loves this ending, but why is it then last on my list? While it's an amazing scene to look at it isn't a happy ending, normally I don't mind it, but 迪士尼 is known for making happy endings so honestly if this movie was made 由 another company and was live action I probably would 爱情 the ending more

11. Mulan

This ending starts off great with 花木兰 reuniting with her father and Shang...
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Because I am still in a musical mood but also ready for the "autumn/Halloween" mood, I'd like to incorporate the two! There aren't many DP villain songs 总体, 整体 but I came up with at least 9 that were good enough to use for the sake of this countdown. I rated each of the songs against how villainous the lyrics were, how villainous the 音乐 sounds, how villainous the scene that accompanies the song in the film is and how villainous is the goal of the villain (or just the villain itself) 唱歌 the song? I ranked each song in the 4 categories and then ranked them 总体, 整体 由 accumulative "evil"...
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Source: http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2015/10/07/you-will-cry-while-watching-this-moana-casting-annou
The saddest moments from DP 电影院 that made me cry and most often they still do. Some are close to 心 while some are so well enacted and animated that i'm moved 由 the simplicity of emotions.

13. 3 good 精灵 put the entire kingdom to sleep:
Despite their best of efforts, they lose Aurora to the spell and the only way to make things work is to put the entire kingdom to sleep, waking only when she awakens. It makes me sad to see them blame themselves for this loss. It doesn't make me cry though, but yes, it puts me in a sad mood.

12. 灰姑娘 crying in the forest:
More than her dress...
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My entire life, Belle has always been my absolute 最喜爱的 princess. When I was just a toddler I dressed up like her for 万圣节前夕 and when I got married, I even tried to find a dress that resembled her yellow 袍, 礼服 (in white, of course).

In so many ways, Belle reminds me of myself. As someone who relates so closely to and identifies with Belle, I wanted to share my well-detailed analysis of her character. I believe we all know our 最喜爱的 characters the best so I would encourage others to write an 文章 about their 最喜爱的 princess. I hope that this will help others understand Belle a little...
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The 迪士尼 Princesses wear some of the cutest little outfits, both inside and outside of ceremonies and balls, so I wanted to do a fun and light-hearted ranking of all of their outfits! (I will be doing a 秒 countdown with the ceremonial outfits and ball gowns ranked.) I ranked them based on which I'd like to wear most:

Peasant/Work Outfits:

7. Snow White's Brown "Servant's" Outfit:
For something that is made to look incredibly unflattering, it's actually not that bad. Aside from being torn and having different-colored patches, it's really just a plain dress.

6. Tiana's Blue Work Uniform:...
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As some of 你 may know, I recently did my version of a "Prettiest Princess" 文章 which rated the 总体, 整体 attraction of each princess. That 文章 was done with a heavy bias towards what males like best about females so I wanted to make one with the bias towards what females like (in friends). What females look for in 老友记 will of course vary 由 personality so I decided to use the 迪士尼 Princesses as the model for my female scale. I made a ranking 列表 for each of them (of course, it is subject to my opinion of their rankings) and then combined all 13 lists to see how they'd rate each...
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So I only wanted to include couples at the end of their original films so that is why there is no Pocahontas & Smith 或者 Rolfe as well as no Anna & Hans.

10. Rapunzel & Eugene: I think this whole thing was such a big mistake. Eugene is a criminal on the run who just so happened to stumble upon Rapunzel's whereabouts who had been isolated. He was so selfish that he didn't even want to take her on this trip and was so cold that he actually took her to a bar full of criminals to scare her. In real life, this would have been immensely endangering for her. Luckily, she is so charming and...
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