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 Aurora holding rose
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A pose of Aurora holding a rose
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I have seen a few 迪士尼 Princess Threads talking about the heights of the 迪士尼 princesses. I am going to give my opinion based on myself and facts.

Esmeralda: She's not an official princess, but yes, she is the tallest. It has been confirmed.
Pocahontas; She's almost the height as John Smith, who was a tall man. She was always drawn with really long legs.
Elsa: She is Norwegian, the oldest, and has always just seem tall to me, even when she was younger.
Megara; Meg has the 秒 tallest boyfriend, and is around his neck. I'm going to count it.


Aurora; Though they say she is the...
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 Flynn "theyjustcan'tgetmynoseright" Rider.
Flynn "theyjustcan'tgetmynoseright" Rider.
There are a lot of 阿拉丁 and Price Eric 粉丝 out there – and while I’ll admit I’m a 粉丝 of both – neither come close to the swashbuckling (and smouldering) perfection that is Flynn Rider. He’s heroic, hilarious and has 更多 than enough personality to share with the pre-1989 Prince’s. He is, 由 far, my favourite 迪士尼 prince – and for the life of me, I can’t understand how people so easily overlook him. And that is exactly why I’m 写作 this 文章 – to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve divided this 文章 up into 4 parts – Heroicness, Humor, Personality &...
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 "It's about to be a girl fight!"
"It's about to be a girl fight!"
First of all I want to make it clear that I think both are amazing characters and I 爱情 them to death. I'm going to keep an open mind about both of them when comparing them. They both have things that they did better than the other. So who's the better character? We'll just have to see.

What they have in common
I think it's fair to first mention what they have in common. They're both redheads, adventurous, curious, wild, whiny, selfish, have parent issues, rebellious, brave, heroic, free-spirited, make deals with witches,and of course cause a big mess with all their mistakes. Let's also not...
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I'm bored on fanpop, haven't written anything myself in ages (sorry, still working on my 收藏夹 list!) so here's a cliché looks 列表 for 你 guys to enjoy 或者 totally hate. ;) Elsa and Anna included.

13. Merida.

I think Merida's eyes look good in some shots like in this pic. In others, she looks rather scary (like Chuckie, if you've read my old Prettiest list). If she had 更多 defined lashes and maybe a less circular shape I'd have her higher. I don't think they're bad eyes; I just prefer the others.

 Wide, innocent, and sky-blue
Wide, innocent, and sky-blue

12. Ariel.

I'm still trying to decide if Ariel's should...
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I know I'm a terrible person for doing this but I couldn't resist! Feel free to call me a pig.

Snow White-Kill
I 爱情 Snow White, I really do but I wouldn't want to marry her. I mean can't survive a voice like that for the rest of my life. And I certainly wouldn't have sex with her because she's way too young and she's not very attractive. Sorry.

Duh! Who wouldn't want to marry Cinderella! She cooks, she cleans, she's sweet, she's laid back and she has a wonderful 唱歌 voice. Obviously sex comes along with marriage, so it's a win-win. I'd 爱情 to have her hand in marriage.

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I still continuously see people remarking on Pocahontas "lack of personality." It has been a little 更多 uncommon, but just for the other nonbelievers, I decided to write this. I know many will beg to differ, but it's just the way I see it. If 你 have any reason to disagree, go ahead and leave a comment. I'm up to defend her. XD Okay, I'll quit rambling on and actually start the article.

The Start

We first begin to see Pocahontas' personality in the very beginning. She leaves us with a lasting first impression. We can see how she is connected to nature from the very start. Seeing her jump off...
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Ok! So here is my review of Frozen's characters! I've already reviewed the 音乐 of the film, which 你 can read here (just copy and paste the link: link

I'm just going to say right now....Frozen has some of the best characters of any 迪士尼 film. Why? One word: DEVELOPMENT. The characters are all so well developed, and they all have such great and complex personalities (yes, even 你 Hans). I found that as I watched the film, I realized every character symbolized something. Olaf represented the bond between Elsa and Anna...and Hans, the villain, represented the breaking of their...
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♥ Please note: I did not just think of looks, I only chose actors/actresses who have impressed me with their screen-presence and charisma. Some of them are choices that don't necessarily look the part as much as alternative choices, but these casting decisions would be the most successful and intriguing to me personally. My choices were based on a blend of 表演 skills, appearance, voice, and current age in 2011. ♥

Gabriella Wilde as AURORA

Tom Welling as ERIC

Avan Jogia as ALADDIN

Shay Mitchell as POCAHONTAS

Nina Dobrev as BELLE

Lainie Kazan as URSULA

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This is the first half of the 文章 of the princess pairs that are most similar. The least similar pairs are listed first, with each pair considered to be 更多 and 更多 similar. The 20th Place Pair and above will be featured on Part 2. Enjoy reading!

36. Aurora and Mulan

These two princesses have been ranked as the most different princesses of all- and it is clear why. It's hard to find a 更多 opposite pair than a clumsy, tomboyish kick-butt heroine and an elegant, ladylike damsel-in-distress. These princesses have very little in common, so they were put as the most different princess...
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posted by dclairmont
 Elsa as a kid, before she had to hide her powers
Elsa as a kid, before she had to hide her powers
There are going to be spoilers, of course, so I wouldn't read this if 你 haven't watched the movie yet! Anyway, I've written an 文章 like this for Aurora, Snow, and Tiana, and thought it was only right to write one for my new 秒 最喜爱的 princess, Elsa. I plan on making these for all of the princesses at some point, since I do 爱情 them all, but I was just really excited to write about Elsa ASAP. So without further ado, let's get started!

Going into Frozen, I had a feeling I was going to 爱情 Elsa. She's different from anything we've ever gotten before, and gives us a fresh point of...
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posted by dclairmont
 That 粉, 粉色 things supposed to be Aurora, say whaaaaattt?
That pink things supposed to be Aurora, say whaaaaattt?
As you've seen from my past articles, I'm not the best as expressing my 爱情 for things, but I decided to make an 文章 about what makes Aurora special. Now let me say people often say that Aurora is probably at the bottom of at least half of the people on this site's 最喜爱的 列表 and it's really sad. Although, I am happy about the increase in Aurora lovers. Well anyway, I'm rambling I'm gonna start the article.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose, the girl of many names is one of many personalities. Now Aurora doesn't have the most complicated personality, 或者 maybe even the most interesting...
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12) Evil 皇后乐队 as the Old Hag

I don't think that I have to say why she's last. She's hideous and very scary, her face is horrible and I hte her hair. The only thing I like about her is the light green color of her eyes.

11) Old Mother Gothel

I believe that she's very ugly. But I actually like her hair...

10) Ursula

I think that if she was slim and with beautiful facial features, Ursula would be absolutely gorgeous, because I really like the combination of white hair, purple skin, gray eyes and red lips. Unfortunately, she's plump, with an awful nose, weird eyes and a huge mouth....
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Source: http://lovelydeck.tumblr.com

Aurora came in last in this countdown for one obvious reason- We simply didn't see her do anything brave. While Snow White did 显示 cowardice, she also showed bravery. Aurora simply didn't do enough to 显示 any bravery, and only showed moments of fear. I'm willing to bet had Aurora run through the woods like Snow White, she wouldn't have been able to recover so easily, nor barge into a stranger's house.

"It's not that Aurora isn't 《勇敢传说》 but she really doesn't get a chance to 显示 us her personality so we can only assume off of what we know." (dweeb)

"will someone please name one...
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posted by magicfairydust
 Even a princess slips up sometimes...
Even a princess slips up sometimes...
I think this 文章 has been done before, but I want to go ahead and 列表 the things that I think are each of their biggest faults which are what make them who they are, and make us 爱情 them even 更多 :)

I absolutely 爱情 Jasmine! She's got this fiery personality and is strong willed and speaks her mind. This is something I 爱情 about her, but can also put her at fault sometimes. She's a bit too harsh and feisty which makes her appear bitchy to some people. She comes across as too snappy and almost mean sometimes (like me! xD). This just makes her all the 更多 realistic and lovable...
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Hi, so this is my 秒 文章 which DP I think some fanpoppers look like as so many seemd to like the link. Again, everything here is just my opinion, not a fact so don't be mad if 你 think I'm completely wrong.
Thank 你 to everyone who dared to share their picture(again there wasn't any ugly one), without 你 this would be really boring article. I'm really sorry if 你 feel offented of something I wrote about you, again it's then just my stupidity for not looking your picture right.

link Belle/Cinderella/Pocahontas

Hair is like Belle's and Cinderella's without bangs 或者 if it wa slonger...
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 Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
I 爱情 阅读 fanfiction. Especially the really stupid ones where some Mary Sue meets Justin Bieber at 星巴克 and two 分钟 later, she's pregnant.
Anyway, 迪士尼 fanfiction is usually read-able... usually.

Now, I don't write fanfiction. Frankly, I'm far too lazy to finish a full story, although I am quite imaginative and I do feel that I understand the characters well enough to do an okay job in portraying them. A big problem in 迪士尼 fanfiction, and fanfiction in general, is that authors often misunderstand the characters.

In this article, I am going to focus solely on high school AUs,...
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