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posted by princesslullaby
So awhile ago, Cromulanfav wrote an 文章 of who she thought would be link So now Me, PpgBelle4, Cromulanfav, and JonnaSe, came up with a 列表 for Belle.

First of all, Belle is too grounded to care about the 颜色 of the wind lyrics 或者 the spirits of the wind 或者 the voices of the moutain. Belle would think Pocahontas is sort of foolish and dumb. Belle would hate most of all Pocahontas' indecisiveness, and would get frustrated when she's 阅读 the compass in front of Grandmother Willow. They're just two totally different worlds, and Belle wouldn't like Pocahontas' personality...
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Here's the fifth 文章 for the Best 迪士尼 Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 1 to 10. Enjoy!

Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess outfit countdown: places 41-55 文章 link
Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess outfit countdown: places 31-40 文章 link
Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess outfit countdown: places 21-30 文章 link
Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess outfit countdown: places 11-20 文章 link

10. 茉莉, 茉莉花 - blue outfit

From the majority of 评论 left on the picks, I noticed that people either 爱情 或者 hate this outfit. I personally 爱情 it! It is original, it looks awesome, the...
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First Catagory: the Princess's
秒 Runner Up
 "Poca is just gorgeous."-MrsEmmaPeel
"Poca is just gorgeous."-MrsEmmaPeel

 "Poca is my # 2 prettiest."-Pink_Love
"Poca is my # 2 prettiest."-Pink_Love

Pocahontas hales from Virgina. Her hobbies include canoeing and high diving.

First Runner Up
TIE- 灰姑娘 and Aurora
 "If we would be talking about natural beauty, I'd definitely say Cindy."-hisblueeyes
"If we would be talking about natural beauty, I'd definitely say Cindy."-hisblueeyes

 "Cinderella has this gorgeous smile - the most beautiful smile of all princesses imho. It lights up her whole face. When she comes down the stairs in her 粉, 粉色 dress she looks so stunning, not because of the dress, but because her whole body is brimming fo
"Cinderella has this gorgeous smile - the most beautiful smile of all princesses imho. It lights up her whole face. When she comes down the stairs in her 粉, 粉色 dress she looks so stunning, not because of the dress,...
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posted by SarahCorine
Voted over a 月 ago, the results are in. Keep 阅读 to find out what holiday each princess represents. I had fun do this and was thinking it would be fun to redo this with princes, and maybe villains. 评论 down below and let me know what 你 think about that idea.

Mother’s 日 is an easy choice for Snow White as she is so motherly. She takes care of the dwarfs. She cooks. She cleans. I know that sounds cliché. But beyond those traits, she cares about people the way a mother would. Unconditionally. But she still has her limits much like a mother would. She bonds with her dwarf...
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Hi guys, I'm not sure if anybody of 你 all did this, but here are my favourite 迪士尼 Princess Castles in 随意 order. However, I will not include both Tiana's and Pocahontas's one.

1) Snow White's Castle

Like all typical European castles, especially during the medieval times. Snow White's 城堡 is actually very medieval for the story's time and the colours also represents the story emotions.

2) Cinderella's Castle

When I first watch this movie, I initially it was an imitation of Snow White's castle.
It wasn't until the 2015 reboot that it did not continue the stereotype of the architecture...
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I was in a mood to do a ranking list, so I thought I should make a 列表 of my 最佳, 返回页首 10 scenes from DP movies. So, here we go.

10. 灰姑娘 - waking up
Have 你 ever seen anyone waking up so gorgeous. Her elegance is to die for. She's looking adorable and elegant all at once, with her piggytails. I 爱情 how she flips over and puts 枕头 overhead, not wanting to wake up from the dream. And isn't she cute, not telling the dream to the birdie friends. I like how she was so much in the moment, holding a pillow. And then, old killjoy strikes, haha! I 爱情 how she gave us a peak into her other side,...
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posted by AaronHaley4ever
 my current user icon: a festive depiction of my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 couple
my current user icon: a festive depiction of my favorite Disney couple
All the brilliant “Getting to Know Me” 文章 that have been 发布 recently made me realize I’ve been here for 6 years and have never done one, so I thought it was long overdue. I've been trying to make collages to add, but my computer's 表演 up so I'll have to go back and add them later. I hope this 文章 doesn’t seem unoriginal 或者 disorganized, and I’m sorry if I come across as pretentious 或者 whiny.

Basic Info

Name: Rhianan (It’s actually my middle name, but I hate my first name and have a strict rule about not using it online)

Gender: Female

Country: USA (specifically the...
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So I've been 阅读 that the "Prettiest Princess" ranking is sort of like a right of passage 文章 that all of the 粉丝 here on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 do so I figured it was time for my own. Instead of just doing a physical beauty ranking, I wanted to do an 总体, 整体 beauty ranking instead. I personally see ranking women based only on their physical beauty as objectifying them so I am kind of confused that it's not looked at that way here on fanpop? (Not saying this to judge 或者 condone others but just out of genuine curiosity and confusion considering the way some 粉丝 have reacted to perceived objectification...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
(DISCLAIMER:I don't hate any princess, I have my least 收藏夹 but still..)
13. Elsa

Although I 爱情 ALL 迪士尼 Princesses I find Elsa to be extremely annoying and overrated. But I can't say that to anyone without them griping at me! Originally Elsa was at number 9 或者 ten on this 列表 but the 粉丝 dropped her down even more. So why else besides 粉丝 do I put her here? She can't take responsibility for her actions! She never stood up to anyone and blamed the whole thing on Anna, when it was partially her fault. Elsa should have told Anna at the coronation about her powers, it's not like...
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As KataraLover called me, I'm most definitely bi-polar with my beauty lists but hopefully this comes to an end... somehow. Anyway, let's give it a shot 由 写作 another prettiest Princess article. 你 know, it would be a lot easier if the Princesses were uglier. Please don't get mad because of my disorder to rank pretiness.

13. Merida

Props to Merida for being this unconventional beauty. Unfortunately for her, she is just not my type. Not to say that she is ugly, she has nice features but alas she hits rock bottom on my list. She has a nice body shape, however the shape of her eyes and...
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So, now I'm ranking the 迪士尼 Princess voices from my least 最喜爱的 to my favorite, and please keep in mind this is MY opinion, so please don't be angry if your 最喜爱的 voice is lower than 你 suspected it would be. Thank you, and enjoy the article! :)

13.Merida: She sings as a little kid, and her voice is nice for her age... But 总体, 整体 she just can't compare to the 更多 powerful voices.

12. Snow White: Her voice is nice, but it's way too high for my tastes, and according to my 民意调查 on the 迪士尼 princess 粉丝 club, it's too high for a lot of other people as well, 或者 maybe they just prefer...
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It's been a while since I last made this list, it's changed since then and for the first time I'll include Anna and Elsa in this article, I've noticed that this 列表 is very similar to my prettiest DP 列表 with only a few exceptions, anyway enjoy this article

13. Ariel

The only DP Hair that I don't like at all, the only time I like her hair is when she's on land, the color is awful and the hair is too thick for my taste

12. Jasmine

The only reason 茉莉, 茉莉花 is higher than Ariel is because her hair is black which is my 最喜爱的 haircolor, but other than that I have pretty much the same...
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While I consider myself a 音乐 person, my knowledge of 音乐 is so-so. So some descriptions might be short because what else can I add? I just know when I like listening to a voice haha.

11. Snow White
Aw Snow, I hate how 你 always end up at the very bottom of these lists. But the other Princesses' 唱歌 voices are just much 更多 to my taste. Her voice is cute but when she hits notes, it's far too high-pitched that it gets borderline annoying.

10. Aurora
It's not that I am not impressed with Aurora's 唱歌 abilities, nor that I 问题 the beauty of her voice. It's just that operatic...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Guilty, I'll say. I was a user who baffled Ariel with hate. I could see many flaws with her because a lot of people were pointing them out, but now I see she's just underrated. True, I still think Merida has a much better personality 由 comparison, but Ariel is gaining so much hate, it's starting to make me want to come to her defense.
Ariel is pretty guilty to my calculations, she was forbidden to go out to surface and showed up to her 音乐会 while everyone depended on her. Ariel did wrong things, but she does have some good points.

When Triton turned into that thingy near the end of...
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I've already ranked their films so now I will rank the princesses individually. Share your thoughts. My opinions are always changing so this 列表 might not always be the same in my head.
13. Aurora
I 爱情 her film but she really is the worst, most boring part of it. Sure, she's beautiful and has one of the best 唱歌 voices of any princess but she is just so bland. And I can't place a character who only appears for around 18 分钟 any higher on this list. She's nice but really needed 更多 of a personality especially since her film has such memorable characters.
12. Cinderella
I used to think...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Merida VS Ariel: The Ultimate 辩论
Well this will be my last 文章 before I leave fanpop
Ok so this all happened when Hatelarxene messages me on a 评论 about Anna. This will be a long debate. I know some of 你 are annoyed with this but I'm going to make in anyway so this can be over with...for me at least. I need closure on this before I leave.

re: Anna
10 分钟 ago

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嘿 guys! For this 文章 I'm going to go through all the DPs in order and say which of their hairstyles is my favorite. Anna and Elsa will be in this list, but unless 你 think of the length of a braid as a spoiler there probably won't be spoilers. And this is all original movie, no sequels! With all that said, let's start with the list:

Snow White's Red Bow Hairstyle
Snow White only has two hairstyles, this one and the same hair with a blue bow, but I think the bright red color is a good contrast to her hair, and it brings out the red in her lips.

 Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...
Yawn, too tired to think of anything else...
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 My no. 1 favourites!!!!
My no. 1 favourites!!!!
Hi guys, this is the third time that I'm 写作 a movie review, and I'm going to write about the latest DP movie 《冰雪奇缘》 in which I went to see it on the big screen with my younger autistic brother finally!
Firstly the movie initiates with a great introduction to Scandinavian culture (in particularly Finland) and I'm amaze 由 the scenery too, the setting reminds me of 魔发奇缘 that it makes me want to go to Scandinavia now!
Ok, let's 移动 on to the characters, Elsa is really an unique character in a way as she tries to hide her super powers secret from her beloved sister Anna. She also a special...
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Feel free to think I'm hallucinating, but to me, it's the real-deal! I've 说 it once, and I'll say it again-they look JUST like each other! The only difference I see is they eyes. Belle's eyes are hazel and Padme's eyes are brown. If they had the same eye-color, I swear to God they could pass for identical twins! Hell, they can pass for fraternal twins! Of course, they're 2 different people, but they have one thing in common-royalty.

Belle is a princess and Padme was once a queen. The only thing is Belle can forever be a princess and Padme ended her term as 皇后乐队 and became a senator when...
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posted by GreatLance_30
Hi! Here is a special 文章 for Mulan. I wrote this because I want to be clear in my opinion for her! 花木兰 is my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess and I really 爱情 her! 你 wanna know why? Read the following qualities that made her my favorite...

 Gorgeous and Subtle
Gorgeous and Subtle

1. Looks
I always put looks for the princesses, because I believe that a person's outside look affects much on impressions. So, not being biased but she is my prettiest 迪士尼 Princess. Some people 说 she is plain, that she is only pretty in few shots, well I disagree. 花木兰 is gorgeous! Her 杏仁 shaped eyes are so tantalizing,...
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