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Pocahontas' : 颜色 of the Wind (Norwegian)

For deg er jeg en av de ville,
Av de usiviliserte, det var visst det det het.
Men man kan spørre seg,
Om 巢穴, den, 书房 ville her er meg.
Det er så mange ting du ikke vet,
Ikke vet..

Du tror du eier jorden som du trår på
Og døde ting du tar i kongens navn,
Men jeg vet at hvert tre og hvert et vesen
Har et liv, har en mening, er til gavn.
Du tror du er et menneske som andre,
Som ligner og som tenker slik som deg,
Men hvis du følger faret til en fremmed
Ser du ting du aldri så før på din vei.

Har du noen gang hørt ulven hyle natten lang?
Sett gaupen smile i sitt stjernespinn?...
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Hello there~

I'm Justinfangrrl and I'm here to give a bit of my own review on the 迪士尼 皮克斯 film Brave. Note that this is mainly opinion, but still a review nonetheless. Since this IS going to be MY opinion, I might stir up some contraversy 或者 slight opinion squabbles due to some of the other opinions from various users on this spot... But I could be wrong. So just sit back, relax, and maybe even have a nice, intellectual conversation with me and fellow readers on the subject. I hope 你 enjoy my article. :) [slight SPOILER WARNING and kind of a long article..]
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posted by pulgaenana
I 发布 this idea like 2 months ago, not sure if anyone actually followed it but here I come (:
I decided to post pictures of my bedroom... because of reasons. Not for 展示 off 或者 anything just because I think it will be fun.

I'm just warning, not all in my room (but mostly) is 迪士尼 related, so get prepared to a lot of 魔发奇缘 and a lot of Avengers... just warning.

Punzie welcomes 你 (:
My door, a huge 魔发奇缘 poster and an avenger A somewhere there...

A general look of my bed.

My closet doors, got the mini posters from cd's and stickers from albums

My fandom t-shirts (that...
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In the 下一个 months, I'll write a series of 8 文章 (well, I'll continue only if 你 like them, of course). The first 7 文章 will be about separate aspects of the DP 电影院 (Score, princess, couple, screenplay, villain, sidekicks and animation/art), and in the final 文章 I'll make the average of the grades I gave the 电影院 in each aspect and make my 最喜爱的 DP 电影院 列表 = )

This is the 秒 文章 in the series "Animaluco's 最佳, 返回页首 10". It covers all DP Movies' screenplays! Enjoy!

10. Cinderella - 6,75

This movie's screenplay has nothing special. Though it doesn't 显示 any...
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I'm 写作 this 文章 because with all due respect to everyone's opinion I could never appreciate the double standards surrounding Ariel’s character with all the “she left her family behind because of a guy despite canon clearly stating she dreamt of being a part of a human world long before even knowing Eric exists” sort of statements. And I don’t really like comparing 迪士尼 girls and 写作 character A vs. character B kinds of posts, but I feel like sometimes it is the only way to make a point.

So I’m taking two 迪士尼 princesses that I really love: Ariel and Pocahontas.

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碧昂斯 Knowles is pretty much the biggest female artist in the world right now and she has ton a songs. So much I can barely keep track of them and I'm just talking about the ones that have 音乐 视频 to them. Obviously, most if not all of her songs are about women. So I figured I could find a song to fit each 迪士尼 Princess. I already made a video/slideshow for it link So let's take a look at the songs I picked.
Snow White-Crazy In Love
This song probably matches the princess the least. It doesn't really fit her personaltiy and neither does the 音乐 video. In fact, none of her songs...
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嘿 Fanpop's Fans!
To start this article, I want to talk about myself a little bit. Hi, I am PrincessLD. I am living in the U.S, but I from Mexico. English is my 秒 language, so that's why; 你 will see errors in grammar and spelling. I 爱情 DISNEY, especially the 迪士尼 Princesses. This 文章 is about the order of my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess. I 爱情 all them. No one is bad, neither hate one of the princess.I watch all these 电影院 in Spanish, so maybe I will not know how the voices are in English.My 列表 has changed from what I 说 before in comments. I hope that 你 like it. My order...
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Wow, did this 列表 take a long, long time. I made sure to watch every princess movie before this, so I could realize exactly how I felt about each princess. I really wanted to make a 列表 I felt needed no changes, a 列表 I could really be proud of, and I think I finally did that. Enjoy reading.

10.Tiana (#6 on my last list)
I really 爱情 Tiana's loyalty to her father. She works & works, just so she can make him proud and live his dream for him. I wish I had that kind of motivation. She's got a good sense of humor, 你 can tell 由 the way she jokes around with Lottie and doesn't take...
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posted by LoveLullaby
 Maria= that 迪士尼 girl
Maria= that disney girl
Hey! So, March 1st 2012 marks the 日 I joined 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and my first article! I'm so glad there is a 迪士尼 Princess spot! I've seen some people's 文章 on here about themselves, when I was looking through articles, and I thought I should make one so people can get a taste of me, LoveLullaby! :)

Maria- not a name I would of chosen for myself (I'd prefer Belle Anneliese 或者 Ariel Sierra) but I am proud of it :)

Country of Origin:
I am originally from the sunny Phillipines! Hollahhh to all my Pinoys out there! When I was 4 I moved to not-so-sunny England, but I 爱情 it, still :)

Favorite Movies:...
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Here's the fourth 文章 for the Best 迪士尼 Princess sidekick countdown. It covers the places from 11 to 20. Enjoy!

Places 41 to 50 link
Places 31 to 40 link
Places 21 to 30 link

20. Chien Po
People thought that Chien Po deserved to be in the 最佳, 返回页首 20. He ranked considerably above Yao and Ling, maybe because he's the only that wasn't mean to 花木兰 when she arrived in the army. Also, I think he is cuter than these guys and he surprised me while beating Flora in the tiebreaker.
"Boooring! " - demmmy

"Sorry Chien Po... but the others are better." - CodyVenusTrent

19. Gus
Gus is likeable, cute...
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1. Belle
Belle has a really good relationship with her father. They are never shown fighting 或者 arguing. Although the villagers think both are odd, Belle and Maurice are satisfied to have each other.

When Belle sees Philippe coming 首页 without her father, she is worried and boldly goes to the dark forest searching her father.

Entering a scary castle, Belle finds her father imprisoned in a cold jail. Then, she declares to take Maurice's place as the prisoner although she will spend her entire life in the gloomy 城堡 with a horrible, monstrous Beast.

Many days pass. Belle and the Beast...
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Thank 你 so much to everybody who voted & 评论 on each countdown pick. Credit to princesslullaby, for the idea of putting 评论 in articles. I hope 你 enjoy reading!

10.Snow White
This sweet, refined, adorable little girl might be a joy to watch on-screen, but might've been lacking a bit in the smart department. First of all, she goes into some little house that she doesn't even know who's it is, and sleeps on their bed! Really? What if they all had malaria 或者 something? Then, even though the dwarves warned her PLENTY of times, she lets in an old, creepy lady into her house....
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Well, I read other 最喜爱的 princess 文章 and thought I should make my own. This is my first article. Feel free to express your opinions, but please don't leave mean, nasty comments.

10. Aurora

I don't hate her, and I don't necessarily dislike her personality. But Aurora barely does anything. She basically sang, danced, and cried. Her personality just wasn't that strong. The three 精灵 were 更多 enjoyable. So Aurora did nothing to impress me in her whole 18 minutes.

9. Snow White

I found her to be a little 更多 interesting than Aurora. Snow White seemed to have been focused...
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posted by princesslullaby
This is what Princesslullaby, CuteDiana, PpgBelle4, and JonnaSe think Ariel's princess 列表 would be.

Ariel would find 灰姑娘 boring. She's too calm, rooted, and subtle in her humor. She doesn't have anything to relate to her. 灰姑娘 doesn't have any grand discoveries 或者 outbursts, which Ariel would love. Ariel is easily distracted and hard to interest, so 灰姑娘 wouldn't hold her attention. She wouldn't get excited about her descions 或者 anything. Ariel wouldn't get involved nor relate to Cinderella's story.

8.Snow White
Basically it's the same for Cindy. Ariel...
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This is, as 你 know, the amazing idea from Phantomrose89. Really girl 你 had a moment of illumination with this. It's always nice to know about new people(: Ok. The first thing that 你 have to know about me is that I 爱情 to talk about me! (I'm not selfish at all, I like to share my opinions only), so BEWARE: long 文章 warning. And don't be rude if 你 don't understand some parts, I'm learning!
Imagine if I make this in Spanish it would be twice bigger *-*

First Name:
Andrea but I don't like it, there are too many, call me Andi(:

Country of Origin:
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico (above...
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posted by LavenderLily
So first of all thank 你 for start 阅读 my article. I really wanted to share my opinion with DP fanpoppers.I don`t know about your opinion about 魔发奇缘 but in my opinion i like it. It shows the real magic of talent etc. I am so happy that 迪士尼 brought one of my most favourite fairytales to alive.
Some people thinks Rapunzel is childish young short selfish but in my opinion she is strong, and talented.
Back to my opinion it is absolutely amazing!!! The 音乐 which was done 由 the talented Alan Menken and it was so beautiful. The movie is so cute. Nothing short of the best 迪士尼 princess...
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posted by cromulanfav
It's been one 年 since I'm on the 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and boy, it was great. I've read many great articles, answered many good picks, seen some awesome pictures and enjoyed in team games. But the best thing on here are fans. So I decide to dedicate this 文章 to the people I 爱情 或者 appreciatte.

My 最喜爱的 fans
And pretty much the only I ever chat with constantly.

Duh, as she's the smartest, the funniest and most amazing person on this spot. I don't remember I ever thought something bad about her, although I disagreed often with her opinions. Talking with her is so easy because she...
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 Just coz ;)
Just coz ;)
Okay, I'll try not to totally bore anyone who reads this, and I know a lot of people will seriously feel like killing me after 阅读 this, but hey, it's just my opinion. I never bag yours :P May be some bad language, but chill.

I know plenty of 你 are probably thinking "Wtf? Is she on drugs?" .. and the answer is no. I don't even have a real reason for her being this low. I think maybe it's the short hair, sickeningly sweet voice, and the fact that she takes an 苹果 from the freakiest looking old lady I have ever fcking seen! If I had one piece of 建议 to give...
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Meanwhile thousands of miles away(Scene 20)......

Bobby: Where do ya think we R now?
Peggy: Beats me, but I'd rather die than go 2 somewhere lik this.
Rodney: Ur already in a place lik this.
Peggy: Really? There's another location that is rotten and icky lik where we R rite now?
Rodney: Um, the royal castle?
Hella and Fairy Godmother: Agreed.
Hella: U have been there B4?
Fairy Godmother: Oh yes, when I was little B4 I took this job as a fairy godmother-
Rodney: So U werent born as a fat fairy?
Fairy Godmother(Deep voice): What was that honey?
*Rodney screams and hides Bhind Hella* Uh, I didnt say anything...
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Ok, I was delaying this for really long time because I'm (lazy) really busy and don't have much time. I did this in honor of DP couples month, which was, yeah, long time ago. So, I took critics that I should put 更多 of a people opinion when I do countdown article, so I hope I succeed at that. If 你 have other critics on this article, feel free to tell me. In captions I put the first sentences couples told during their first interaction.

 Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"
Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"

9.Cinderella and Charming
After the Charming was 表演 like the biggest...
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