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posted by Annabethandco
A 民意调查 was recently made about who was the most selfish DP, and I was shocked and annoyed at what people were saying about Elsa (and Merida... But I guess I may have to make that 文章 later) being selfish.

I know this point is already being debated on the poll, so some may find it a bit repetitive to read this, but I wanted to make a really detailed examination about Elsa and her 'selfishness'.

One argument I read was: "in the beginning part when she forbids Anna to marry him, it's just because she doesn't want to see Anna have fun with others while she is alone in her own sadness...."....
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So yeah I did a countdown and here are the results. Thanks to everyone who gave me their lists, I really appreciate it :) I would add commentary, but eh, I'll let the 评论 speak for themselves.

13. 茉莉, 茉莉花

"Isn't particularly strong, but she does stand against Jafar when he had her captive, and is definitely fervent in her resolve re: arranged marriage." -MacytheStrange

"she is willing to escape even when she knows she's not allowed to and wasn't accustomed to lifeon the streets. She is willing to forgive Aladdin, which could be a sign of strength 或者 weakness, and is always standing up for...
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For those of 你 who dont know 茉莉, 茉莉花 has been my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess FOREVER. I just really feel that 茉莉, 茉莉花 has one of the best personalities out of all the princesses and I want to express why, because I feel she needs a little bit 更多 love. :) Despite her sassiness, she is very generous, kind, fun-loving, and flirty.

Before 写作 my reasons on why 茉莉, 茉莉花 is the best DP, I my 3 reasons on why people may not like 茉莉, 茉莉花 或者 maybe why they have her low on their list. Not all of them may be true.

Reason 1- She has a bad temper.
Reason 2- She is selfish.
Reason 3- Her sassiness is annoying...
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I've already ranked their films so now I will rank the princesses individually. Share your thoughts. My opinions are always changing so this 列表 might not always be the same in my head.
13. Aurora
I 爱情 her film but she really is the worst, most boring part of it. Sure, she's beautiful and has one of the best 唱歌 voices of any princess but she is just so bland. And I can't place a character who only appears for around 18 分钟 any higher on this list. She's nice but really needed 更多 of a personality especially since her film has such memorable characters.
12. Cinderella
I used to think...
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The BRAVERY of 灰姑娘 going to the BALL

1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to 灰姑娘 up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Merida VS Ariel: The Ultimate 辩论
Well this will be my last 文章 before I leave fanpop
Ok so this all happened when Hatelarxene messages me on a 评论 about Anna. This will be a long debate. I know some of 你 are annoyed with this but I'm going to make in anyway so this can be over with...for me at least. I need closure on this before I leave.

re: Anna
10 分钟 ago

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posted by shanyuisboss
 I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
Everyone here knows me to be the Shan Yu 粉丝 (Probably the biggest on this spot) with the unpopular opinion that Shan Yu is the best 迪士尼 Princess villain and the 秒 best 迪士尼 villain. I am always asked why, so I decided to make this 文章 giving a lot of the reasons why I have this opinion. I know a lot of 你 will probably not read this all the way through, but if 你 do, I was not holding a dictionary as I was 写作 this, I just got very serious on this topic.

So I hope 你 like it

When the term 迪士尼 villain comes to mind, people usually think of Scar, Ursula, Maleficent,...
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This is an 文章 response to Shiki_Otherside's "FROZEN SPOILERS: Who's fault was it?" article. This is not a rebuttal, 更多 like an expansion of ideas discussed in the final consensus of 说 article.

Haven't seen the film and don't want spoilers? Best not read further.

All right, so: Different people have different ideas of whose fault the disaster was, if there was anyone to blame at all, but I've felt since seeing the first five 分钟 of the movie that it's their parents' fault. Without a question.

Elsa was controlling her powers just fine until a moment of fear for her sister's safety...
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Originally, this 文章 was supposed to be a full countdown. However I couldn't decide any of the placings. Instead, I give 你 a 最佳, 返回页首 three smartest princesses article.

Side note: When I mean smart, I'm talking about how much knowledge they have and how logical their thinking is.

3. Elsa

I guess this might surprise people, but it seems perfectly logical to me. Elsa has a lot of knowledge (as revealed in "A Sister 更多 Like Me"). She spent hours a 日 studying while she was inside her bedroom. Also, she's 21. That means she must have at least a 大学 level understanding of pretty much all...
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 嘿 Ironhide, news flash! Princess can be 《勇敢传说》 too!
Hey Ironhide, news flash! Princess can be brave too!
I thought I'd spare a moment to describe the braveness of the bravest group of gals I know: the 迪士尼 Princesses!

This isn't a countdown of the bravest princess, this is merely a 列表 describing what I feel to be the bravest moment of each princess (in what I hope is chronological order).

Snow White

We start with the first! I feel Snow White to be one of the bravest princesses, for many reasons. 1) She put up with being a slave for fourteen years, 2) she didn't completely freak out when the Prince snuck up on her, 3) she pulled herself back together after being chased in the creepiest forest...
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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

I didn't shred any tears but I felt emotional inside when Snow White was in her coffin in the candlelight of the cottage. I mourned with dwarfs, 动物 and later The Prince until Snow White awakened from the death-like coma. I just wish after the Prince had kissed her and sat mourning on the ground, 迪士尼 had waited a beat 或者 two before waking her up. They spoiled the moment 由 having her stir awake just as quickly. Oh I forgot, another scene that made me feel emotional is when after Snow White has ran into forest and is crying. At that moment I thought "She needs...
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Well, as promised, here my thoughts. Careful, though, I intend to go into great detail about the movie. If 你 haven’t watched it yet, I suggest to leave, 或者 this will ruin the experience for you. I also warn 你 if 你 爱情 the movie. For me, it was very much a mixed bag, and I will mostly try to figure out why I wasn’t as 着魔 as I was and still am of my favourite 迪士尼 Princess Movies.

1. The Animation

Let’s start with the positive: The 动画片 is gorgeous! When I saw the scene with the ship sinking in the storm, I kept thinking “wow”. And the snow scenes…let’s put it...
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嘿 guys! For this 文章 I'm going to go through all the DPs in order and say which of their hairstyles is my favorite. Anna and Elsa will be in this list, but unless 你 think of the length of a braid as a spoiler there probably won't be spoilers. And this is all original movie, no sequels! With all that said, let's start with the list:

Snow White's Red Bow Hairstyle
Snow White only has two hairstyles, this one and the same hair with a blue bow, but I think the bright red color is a good contrast to her hair, and it brings out the red in her lips.

 Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...
Yawn, too tired to think of anything else...
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 The Current Princesses
The Current Princesses
With 11 official 迪士尼 Princess and two 更多 to 加入 in the upcoming year, I've decided to create a countdown of my 最佳, 返回页首 11 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princesses. While Anna and Elsa will 加入 in 2014, I'm just going to focus on the ones we currently have - besides, I've only seen 《冰雪奇缘》 once. So without further ado, let's begin!

ApplesauceDoctr's 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princesses

11. Aurora
While Sleeping Beauty was one of my 最喜爱的 电影院 from childhood, Aurora herself never truly stood out to me. In her short runtime she walks around the forest and sings - and even though she has a beautiful voice, there's...
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 My no. 1 favourites!!!!
My no. 1 favourites!!!!
Hi guys, this is the third time that I'm 写作 a movie review, and I'm going to write about the latest DP movie 《冰雪奇缘》 in which I went to see it on the big screen with my younger autistic brother finally!
Firstly the movie initiates with a great introduction to Scandinavian culture (in particularly Finland) and I'm amaze 由 the scenery too, the setting reminds me of 魔发奇缘 that it makes me want to go to Scandinavia now!
Ok, let's 移动 on to the characters, Elsa is really an unique character in a way as she tries to hide her super powers secret from her beloved sister Anna. She also a special...
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 I don't want this, but I will accept my duty as a princess and do what is right
I don't want this, but I will accept my duty as a princess and do what is right
I've read a few of these 文章 and thought I would do one for Jasmine, my 最喜爱的 princess. So here it goes.
10. Aurora
Jasmine would have the least in common with Aurora. She would relate to her in the way that Aurora doesn't want to be a princess, she would rather be free to live her own life and marry whoever she wants rather than be told she must marry a prince. She would like that Aurora is kind and dreamy but the similarities end there. Whereas Aurora accepted her duty as a princess with a heavy 心 and did what she knew was right for her people 由 marrying her betrothed, Jasmine...
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I've been a part of this fanclub for a while, and it's my 最喜爱的 club on Fanpop, so I want to share with anyone willing to read, my 迪士尼 Princess list. A lot of factors take place during their 列表 including, personality, style and enjoyment of their feature films. This is my opinion so please don't be offended 由 anything. Also note, that I don't HATE any 迪士尼 Princess. I do hold all of them dear to me, even if I complain about them.

11) Merida- Before 你 all roll your eyes, I have to admit that when I saw the first commercial for 《勇敢传说》 I was so excited and forced my boyfriend to take...
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disneygirl7 brought this idea of an 文章 back up recently :) enjoy!

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs
My 最喜爱的 scene is when Snow White wakes up. Wishing wells and magic apples always work.
''And that he will carry me away to his 城堡 where we will live happily ever after.''
Snow looked so happy wishing on that 苹果 and she got what she wished for. She woke up to her one true 爱情 who carried her to his 城堡 where they lived happily ever after.
This scene is so sweet <3

My 最喜爱的 scene is when the glass slipper fit Cinderella's foot. Even though it was predictable, I...
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Feel free to think I'm hallucinating, but to me, it's the real-deal! I've 说 it once, and I'll say it again-they look JUST like each other! The only difference I see is they eyes. Belle's eyes are hazel and Padme's eyes are brown. If they had the same eye-color, I swear to God they could pass for identical twins! Hell, they can pass for fraternal twins! Of course, they're 2 different people, but they have one thing in common-royalty.

Belle is a princess and Padme was once a queen. The only thing is Belle can forever be a princess and Padme ended her term as 皇后乐队 and became a senator when...
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Here are the results! I didn't include Naveen for obvious reasons. Also, people have to keep in mind that I meant who was a player BEFORE he met his Princess. Thank 你 to everyone who participated!

Definition of a player in the Urban Dictionary: A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women 由 pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.

9. Flynn Rider
It might have been because of the mask Flynn wore all along. But regardless, it's obvious that he used to try to get what he wanted from women 由 using his famous...
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