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Hello, fellow Digidestineds!

It's time for all of us to either cry 或者 scream from happiness. It has indeed been confirmed that there will be a new Digimon Adventure Sequel. Yes, this is a fucking miracle. (Sorry for the language). I personally feel like this the best news I have heard so far this year. I mean, we have had Digimon's new season a long the years, great seasons, but I never thought there will be a new one with our 收藏夹 first digidestineds again.
Now to the information...

In August 1st, called Odaiba 日 由 many Digimon 粉丝 because it was the 日 the first Digidestineds traveled...
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Hey, nice to meet you. my name is yagami hikari and i'm now 24 y.o. i'd like to share some story for 你 all. Its back when i was 18 y.o.

here the story

in real world, japan. tokyo. it's usually a peacefull day. we are ready to go to school.
but t.k is missing. i was looking for him but he couldn't reach for no more.
daisuke 说 no need to telephoning him, he is in france. my 心 suddenly like want to die. what is this?

"tk" my side
i was back to france because my grandfather 说 his soul would never back on earth again but i found out that he was lieing. He is laughing so loud and making me...
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