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posted by Clutch13
These are lyrics to a rap song I just wrote... I'm gonna sing em to this beat...


So.. ya can kinda follow with the vid and the lyrics. It tells me when to come in and what not...

I bought a rope today. Make all the pain of this life go away. Don't really see a reason for me to stay. Shit job, shit pay, can't see a better way. To let it all end, there's nothing to defend. Just the stress filling me up like some bloody depends. So for only seven dollars and twenty seven cents, I found a fifty foot rope to 包, 换行 around my neck.
I bought a rope today. May be the best investment that...
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posted by SaturdaySurpris
•    Make a commitment to yourself
Challenge the self-bullying habit and make a commitment to taking care of yourself as best 你 possibly can for the moment.
•    Reduce the risks
Protect yourself from impulsively 表演 on your thoughts 由 putting dangerous objects out of immediate reach. Preferably give pills, weapons etc to someone else for safe-keeping, but even putting them in a locked 或者 inaccessible place makes it a little harder to act impulsively.
•    Tell someone how you're feeling
Tell someone else how 你 are feeling...
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posted by cutiepie0310
Black is the color
that the sad wear in mourning
feeling of wanting them back.

Black is the color
that befriends 你 when no one else is there
that holds 你 in a prison with no escape
keeping 你 from happiness
hiding in a dark corner of a room.

Black is hot coffee in the morning,
a bat flying through caves,
scratching of fingernails against a chalkboard,
a cat's silky fur.

Black is the night sky revealing stars,
Ghosts lurking in the shadows,
a monster's ferocious scream,
evil that lies within your soul.
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 ❤ Inori and Shu❤
❤ Inori and Shu❤
These days 你 don't 爱情 me no more.
Nor am I still treasured 由 you
And this way, I'll be all alone

That is how 你 always
Make me mad and cry in the end
But I loved
How your face looked when 你 said, "I'm sorry"

Please do not let me go
Hold me tight--Yes, with all my heart
I want to be in your arms
Together, with our foreheads touching
We'll fall asleep

Such a beautiful song.The feels :'( The 日本动漫 this song is from, which is Guilty Crown, made me depressed for a very long time. I still get really sad when I listen to this song.
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fade to black
ride the lightning
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes + lyrics SONG