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posted by Ieva0311
Birth Name: Park Sung Jin

Stage Name: Sungjin

Height: 177cm

Weight: 70kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Acoustic Guitarist, Electric Guitarist, Main Vocalist

Birthday: January 16, 1993

Hobbies: Gaming, Exercising

Specialities: Dancing

Birth Name: Park Jae Hyun

Stage Name: Jae

Height: 182cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Electric Guitarist, Vocalist, Rapper

Birthday: September 15, 1992

Education: California State University

Place of Birth: Argentina

Hobbies: Badminton

Birth Name: Im Jun Hyeok

Stage Name: Junhyeok

Position: Keyboardist, Vocalist

Birthday: July 17, 1993

Hobbies: GUNPLA (Gundam models), Shopping,...
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Now 你 won’t even pick up my calls
Instead of you, I hear a dull voice
There are always hard days
But 你 can’t win over that moment and 你 look for an alternative

Let’s take some time
When I heard that
I understood it exactly as it sounded
That we should take some time

Congratulations, you’re so amazing
Congratulations, how could 你 be so fine?
How could 你 trample on me?
I see your smiling face, I guess 你 forgot everything

When 你 说 let’s take some time
When 你 说 let’s think about it
You looked into my eyes and made me believe you
Like this

How could 你 be so fine?
How could you...
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All right, 你 spent your 日 being so cautious
But just push aside your work and just follow me
All right, under the starlight, drive with me tonight
Feel the wind passing through your fingers

I don’t care where we go, it doesn’t matter if it’s not far
I just like this moment of leaving
I don’t care if it’s not for long, there’s no need to rush
Tonight, we’ll be together under that sky

So be free, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t have a single care
So be free, just think that it’s just us
Now now everybody dance

Dance dance tonight
Everyone together freely
Dance dance...
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It’s been a while since 你 left
But even when 你 weren’t here
I always had 你 由 my side
I put my hand in my pocket so 你 can always link your arms with mine
Why are 你 making me like this? (Why did 你 do that babe)

Every 日 is the same, I’m running around a wheel
I really hope this feeling changes
Not having what 你 want makes your 心 hurt, I’m only human

I guess this is what they call a habit
In an empty room with no one inside
I’m waiting for 你 to return

My hand habits that touched you, my hand habits toward you
My mouth habits that called you, my mouth habits for...
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Every morning when I open my eyes
The first thing that I think of
The only thing in my mind
Is you
When I’m looking at you
When our eyes meet
My face grows hot but
Feels so nice

There isn’t a single day
That I can live without 你 baby
I’m waiting all night
For the morning sun to rise
My 心 races at the thought of seeing you

Wa, so ecstatic
When 你 quietly look at me
I fall for 你 again
Wa, just looking at you
Makes me feel good
I wanna be with 你 forever

Like that sun baby
Melt my 心 with a bright smile
Like that sun baby
Shine brightly into my day

I 爱情 every...
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When 你 called me after midnight, asking me to pick 你 up
As if I was waiting, I ran to you
This isn’t the first time, why am I doing this?
I keep getting dragged around

I don’t know I don’t know
I don’t know why I’m doing this
However 你 treat me, I accept it all baby
But today, you’re pushing me away
These games of push and pull, stop it baby

I think I’m crazy, this isn’t right
Ooh ooh
I think I’m out of my mind, this isn’t right
Ooh ooh

Why can’t I let 你 go?
I don’t know, strangely, I keep doing this
I keep going back to me
I don’t know, strangely, I keep doing this

Even when...
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I’ve been quietly living
In a deep tunnel that swallowed up the light

On the dark road ahead, I can’t see a single step ahead
I can’t see anything
I can’t feel anything

Me in the black and white photo
My world that has spread black
I’m so tired, I’m so tired
Now I’m so sick of it
The 颜色 of 你 that I see from time to time
It raises me up because you’re the only one with your own color

I try holding out my hand to catch you
But 你 get farther away

Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself
(Colors, Colors)

I’m running out of breath
As I run to...
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