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This song is stuck in my head now :DD Enjoy the video and don't forget to 评论 ;)
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The Ghostbusters song over clips of Danny Phantom. i think its very well made. I didn't make this.
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Source: Whoever pieced it together full credit goes to 你
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Here are my fave signs to know if I'm obsessed. Trust me, I done most of these :DD
Anyway, enjoy!

1. Every time 你 see your breath fog, 你 think 你 have a ghost sense.

2. You've ever tried to shoot ecto-blasts out of your hands.

3. You've gone looking for ghost portals.

4. 你 want to dye your hair black.

5. 你 know the theme song 由 heart.

6. 你 cried when 你 heard the 显示 was being canceled;
7. 你 know what an Ultra-recyclo vegetarian is.

8. It's not Eragon, it's Aragon.

9. You've check your virus scanner to see if it found Technus.

10. 你 can't watch Men in Black without thinking of the Guys...
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