Danny Gokey What performance 由 Danny has been your 最喜爱的 so far?

BeSafe posted on Apr 11, 2009 at 04:42AM
So far Danny has performed (going back to auditions!)

1) I Heard it Through the Grapevine
2) I Hope You Dance
3) Hero
4) Get Ready
5) PYT
6) Jesus Take the Wheel
7) What Hurts the Most
8) Stand by Me
9) Kiss from a Rose
10) Endless Love
11) September
12) Come Rain or Come Shine
13) Dream On
14) You Are So Beautiful

I think that is all, but I'm not sure...anyway if there was one I am missing please tell me. Anyway which one was your favorite?!
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一年多以前 angelstr343 said…
My favorite is What Hurts the Most
一年多以前 BeSafe said…
^^Awww good choice! I LOVE that one as well, it totally made me start crying!
Gosh I really don't know what my favorite has been...there are sooo many amazing ones to choose from!
Hero/Endless Love/September/PYT and Kiss by a Rose immediately stand out in my mind though...but really I have LOVED every single thing he has sang thus far!
一年多以前 BeSafe said…
^^I think that was PYT...I LOVE that one, it gets stuck in my head SO easily!!!!

YAY tonight we shall have another Danny songs to add to the list!
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一年多以前 BeSafe said…
OMG okay after tonight I definately HAVE to change my favorite to Come Rain, Come Shine!!!!!!!!!!