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posted by Delenafan2
Here's is the 秒 chapter. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 2
Damon reluctantly got up and headed towards Elijah and heard him say, “I’m sorry, but believe it 或者 not I too need rest, especially after a 日 like today.” Then they walked out leaving a sexually frustrated Elena sitting on his 床, 床上 gasping from their passionate play.
In the hall Elijah actually cracked a smile and turned to Damon. “How incredibly cruel of 你 to leave her hanging like that.”
“It wasn’t the plan, but she deserved it. Besides, she doesn’t 爱情 me nor is she mine,” Damon 说 regrettably.
“Are 你 so sure about...
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Okay, I'm sick and tired of people saying we ship DE cuz "ian is hot!" WTF!!!!! I'm not even gonna bother 写作 the reasons why I ship them cuz it'll be like the 9987657384950482th time i say them. People need to get a life. If we ship Delena because Ian is hot then why don't we ship "Bamon 或者 "Stelena (i think Paul is incredibly HOTT)???huh?? It really hurts my feelingS when people say this, do they really think we are that shallow?? We ship DE cuz of the right reasons.
Many people know it
The media knows it
God knows it
So to all of those that say "we only ship the cuz Ian is hot" then well i don't know what 显示 they've been watching.
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posted by HaleyDewit
Been a while since I wrote one. Based on the aftermath of Damon's death. Obviously from Elena's pov.

Help me get up
‘Cause I have fallen down
Help me pick up
The pieces of my life
‘Cause I’ve been kicked left and right
I don’t know how to end this fight
But one thing I know for sure
I’ll see 你 once more

‘Cause I’ll die trying to find you
Hold my breath as long as I have to
I won’t give up on you
I’m all in till the end
I’ll keep searching forever
‘Cause we belong together
I won’t give up on you
I’m all in till the end

Save your breathe if
You want me to call it quits
‘Cause I’m...
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