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posted by DamonIsHot1864
嘿 guys, this is just a little something I would 爱情 to see happen in S5. Hope 你 like it.

Damon POV

"Honey, I'm home." I say as I walk through the door chuckling. Sigh I amuse myself. Hmmmm no Elena jumping into my arms? My mind begins going into overdrive, what could have happened to my little danger magnent? What fresh hell could be causing chaos to my otherwise blissfilled summer oh my God Zombies! It has to be what else could be left in the 邪恶力量 realm for us to deal with? I begin making a check 列表 of things we will need bats, shotguns, good 网球 shoes...
"Caroline, please...
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posted by panther-jewel
We all want Delena to stay together, and it would be lame to repeat the story the other way around and let S5 go like S4 only in the other direction; and it can’t work anyway because Stelena have no passion and chemistry and couldn’t be used as a resisting couple. That would have no real variation and is also very unlikely because Elena now has a complete knowledge of how things are and tested being with Stefan in every possible way without it working out. There have been hints and signs for DE, parallels and similarities for them, their build up and journey throughout the whole story,...
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Okay my fellow DE shippers this is my very first 文章 so I am very excited and anxious at the same time. If I have made any mistake in this 文章 please inform me about it so I won’t ever repeat it again. Now what 你 are about to read here is strictly something I have prophesied regarding Elena’s one true love, this could be the best 或者 a disastrous thing for both SE and DE fanbase and Now for the prophecy:

For over a century he has only being living in darkness, forever in darkness. He had faced countless trials in life, difficult trials which no other person could face them as he...
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I am in 爱情 with Vampire Diaries. However, it is my duty as a 粉丝 to not stand aside and watch the writers and the 粉丝 of this spectacular 显示 make the biggest mistake ever! 爱情 is a very passionate thing and no matter who Elena chooses in the end if she chooses stefan..... it will be the biggest mistake she will ever make in her life and for the Stelena fans..... 你 know I am write and 你 are probably thinking who the hell is this person Stefan is hot, well i will admit he is pretty hot, but 爱情 depends on passion and how much a person connects and damon and elena have a relationship(besides the sire bond) that i am pretty sure any girl 或者 maybe guy....... would kill for. so if the writers choose the wrong one i am sorry to say but they do not understand 爱情 and that is a shame because this is the perfect 爱情 story.
Elena loves to dance. Throughout the entire series, she's always going to dances, 或者 wanting to go, and each time, she has had to coerce Stefan into going with her. Even though Stefan knows how very much Elena likes to dance.

From the very beginning, with Vicki at the Boardinghouse, we see that Damon loves to dance to. I can't help but to make comparisons to Elena's dancing with Stefan to her dancing with Damon. The one time I can recall Elena ever actually smiling when dancing with Stefan was 'Unpleasantville', when Stefan spun Elena around in the air - but of course, only after she begged...
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