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lailalove posted on Feb 25, 2010 at 08:59PM
ok this is the list of the last people who have been here last month *crying face* i will put more names as u tell me
i love all of u who has been here & who hasn't *love u all*

angiii7|| Angi
Teamdamon33|| Julia
laurik2007|| Laura
lailalove|| Lai
tvdlover|| fatemeh
katie15|| Katie
mariafan|| maria
tvdlover|| fatemeh
maryam1311|| maryam
Delenalove88|| Svetlana
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一年多以前 laurik2007 said…
big smile
glad to have you :D
一年多以前 Teamdamon33 said…
OMG is this real life? Am I dreaming or there's actually someone on this chat? lol

一年多以前 mistrz922 said…
hi guys! My name is Marta and i would love to join this forum :)
一年多以前 Teamdamon33 said…
Welcome Marta! I'm Julia :)

We could use some new fans to relive this place
一年多以前 queen-seli said…
Hey i am selina and i loooove Delena..whould join this chat=)
一年多以前 mistrz922 said…
Pleasure to meet you Julia :) You say so ? hmm... I am curious what have you guys talked about through all these over 560 pages...Damn... it will take me a little to find out :D
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