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Congratulations Stela 你 totally deserves be the 粉丝 of this month♥

1)How do 你 fell about winning FOTM December?

I'm sooo happy!!! I think being the FOTM in the 最喜爱的 spot makes someone happy right? So I'm very happy person now and I wanna thanks to the Bamon 粉丝 too because they are like the most awesome part of the TVD fandom. Really. Being a Bamon 粉丝 is awesome. True fact. I'm feeling wierd too because there are people who deserves so much 更多 than me! So again, a big massive huge thank 你 for making me the FOTM December! I 爱情 你 all, really. ♥ (of course that 你 totally...
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This is what i think bamons kids would look like becuase the girl has his hair coulor and most importantly his smirking dark eyes while the boy has bonnies rich skin tone and hair coulor aswell he could actually be her son
Of course there much older and not 婴儿 like 你 usually see pictures of but what the hell and yes they are freddie and effey from 《皮囊》 but i guess there brother ans sister now oh and hint ignore the names on the first picture that says Indianna and Jhonathan Salvatore i used them in a role play as bamons children on another site 你 have to admitt they do have features from both damon and bonnie
posted by OrlaghxCullen
Okay so we all no that Bonnie and Damon have got into terms that they have feelings for each other and now Damon has switched past elena after the 爱情 tringale is over he has just enterd a new one with matt Donavan
Damon never gets the girls he wants to be honest it was first kathrine pearce in 1864 who just completely took adavantage of him yet she always wanted sweet stefan over him he couldnt stand it then then he fell for Elena who was the complete oppsit from kathrine but she chooce stefan Damon i cant imagine how he is feeling and now he knows he has feelings for bonnie to make her choice...
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*_Bonnie perspective_*

Damons eyes glared at Tyler i looked up to Tyler Lockwood sure he was sweet and of course i admired thouse grey eyes of his and his amazing body to die for but Damon was a complete over story i couldnt find word to explain his eyes 或者 his body just so captivating moving ecspecialy when he curved his beautiful 粉, 粉色 lips into the perfect smirk of course i wasnt the only one who had noticed this Elena had also reliased that but that was a 年 以前 she was with Stefan now i did feel something of the sort of well sorry for him Kathrine and now Elena i also feel sorry for myself...
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This is all 说 由 a wonderful Bamon shipper on the cw boards her 用户名 is ChloeMars and I felt like 你 guys needed to hear this:

Just out of curiosity, out of the people who "hate bonnie's power trip," who is NOT a Delena 或者 at least a Damon fan? I find that most people who hate Bonnie hate her because she is the alpha female of the show, whether they like it 或者 not. She's the chick who makes the decisions, and refuses to be told what to do 由 Damon 或者 Stefan, who she doesn't trust. She steals Damon and Elena's thunder, and is constantly antagonizing Damon, and anyone who antagonizes Damon...
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posted by 1beaut
Got this from my online buddy Janet. She asked to all Bamon 粉丝 to write what LJS replied to them about Bamon.Just read.


"Elena and Damon and Bonnie and Stefan have already been
the same ages for about twenty years, when the original 图书 were
written (or only gotten about nine months older). The ones going to
college are going to stay freshmen for a long. long time. And in this time, Damon definitely likes Bonnie. She's his weak spot. He chases Elena because he set himself a goal when he first saw her, but he actually saved Bonnie's life (and kissed her) before the Vampire Diaries story started....
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posted by dyehanna1
Full description

Damon was the object of Bonnie's affection, where ever he went, Bonnie followed because she loved him. He lead her on to believe they could be together, she hung on to his every little word; she soon discovered that he was just using her for her blood and powers.

She thought of forgiving him, but he didn't really want her in that kind of way. Seeing him with Elena, her best friend was a kick in the guts. Bonnie decided that if she can't get the object of her affection, then he must be destroyed.
First, she will make him suffer for breaking her heart. Whether he likes it or...
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WARNING: Somewhat depressing. If 你 do not want to read my thoughts, don't look any further and press the back button.

The dynamic of Damon/Bonnie has in all honesty, never been easy for me to support openly. Why? Because when I do openly support Bamon, I never feel comfortable. The ultimate truth is that when it comes to Damon/Bonnie in both the 图书 and on the show, I have gone through a bit of a rollercoaster ride in terms of my hope and faith in them. I know that many of 你 Bamonators are not surprised 由 this whatsoever, but it's because I am primarily a rather pessimistic person by...
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posted by Bangelusfan
She was weakly trying to get up, her eyes on the bloody steel ruler on the
“Now, now. There, there. There, now,” Damon said, preventing her. “You
did some very nice work with that but 你 don’t need it anymore. They’re in
puppy heaven now. Well, 小狗 hell, 更多 likely, but 你 don’t need to worry
about them, is the point.”
The maiden, who was exceptionally dainty and pretty and had, to a
vampire, the most exquisite feature of all, a particularly long and delicate column
of a neck, was looking up at him soulfully. It was nice to see that she was short.
Damon didn’t care that much...
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posted by Bangelusfan
Damon shimmered out of being a crow, and felt his feet gently deposit him
the last quarter inch of an inch on the ground. Absently, he brushed away a few
stray feathers, not bothering with his hair because it was so fine it would soon
flop back into his eyes on its own.
He was in Fell’s Church at last and it was everything he had heard about.
Ley lines, straight as spears piecing the ground in all directions and forming
pockets of wild magic here and there, mostly concentrating in the heavily
forested state park that almost surrounded the town.
This was going to be . . . fun. Little brother had chosen...
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1. Congratualtions on winning FOTM for April/May, Acela! How does it feel to be FOTM of April/May?

Wow I am totally overwhelmed 由 the unexpected favor, and whatever I express in words would not be enough to 显示 my deep gratitude for your support guys! Thank 你 for your vote to confer this honorable 标题 on me! “blush”
 Image Credit: Sandra
Image Credit: Sandra

2. Can 你 tell us a little bit about yourself (your name, where you're from)?

My name is Acela. So 你 guys can call me Acela 或者 Ace :D I am 23 years old and I am from Canada with Asian root. I am currently doing a major on global economy after...
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posted by claudiahl
Hi!! I dont know if i should be posting this im going to do it anyways .OMG i am so nervous but here i come , maybe 你 dont care, if 你 dont just dont read it, but if 你 do, enjoy !!!.

It all begins in november 2010 i was boring and i didnt know what to do i was surfing the net but sudenly i decide to go to the living room to see what my brothers where doing but, before that , i remember that my brother had told me about a 显示 called THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES about 吸血鬼 of course ,but in that time i was so crazy about twilight so i just 说 : OMG ! how can 你 see that is just a copy of...
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Please share this with other Bamonators 你 know!


BAMON 粉丝 视频 CONTEST [ link ]

Announcement: NEW DEADLINE
First Contest; NOW OPEN
You will have to use the song: 加入 me in death 由 HIM
This version > link
You can use any scene 你 want but will have to use this version of the song
Good Luck!!!


The Promo of this contest

[link ]

Second Theme Competition: 显示 Bamon ~ Your interpretation...
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Hi 你 wonderful, fantastic, AMAZING Bamonators!!! :D Well...some how 或者 another we've gotten behind on the infamous “Fan of the Month” awards!! I am SO very sorry for this!!! It was never my intention to bail out on my duties, even though I was away from the spot!! I had every intention on still coming back to do what was required of me, but somehow 或者 another, through misunderstandings, and messages 迷失 in translation I seem to have done JUST that! :( I am SO very sorry. 你 will never know how sorry I am for this! I had assumed that the FOTM competition had simply continued on without...
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I have something that I have to get off my chest and I feel it's pretty crucial and serious for you, as my fellow Bamonators to understand. There comes a time when 你 feel that 你 have endured so much of one particular thing and then suddenly, a light bulb goes off and 你 become awakened. 你 realize that 你 have not been alert 或者 consciously aware of how you're really feeling about this particular thing but then 你 also come to realize that this one thing that 你 used to find enjoyable and used to make 你 happy, is all of a sudden not making 你 happy any longer. This is what has happened...
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 Sad face ๏̯͡๏
Sad face ๏̯͡๏
How to get suspended for being a fanatic Bamonator and then get back. Step 由 Step.(lol)

this is self-sarcastic and made for fun in order to forget the hard hours I spend waiting to get back. There is a message for all the Bamon family at the end though, Bamon hugs and kisses!

How to get suspended for being a fanatic Bamonator and then get back. Step 由 Step.(lol)

❥1. Forget your life outside the spot.

❥2. Really, forget it. To a point that when 你 recieve a message from your friend Elena to go out for some 比萨, 比萨饼 the first thought that...
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I thinks its strange that the writers would have such similar scene for Delena and Bamon.

Example 1: When Damon attacked Bonnie, it was because he saw Emily (1x8)
When Damon attacked Elena, it was because he saw Katherine (2x22)

Although these scene are similar, the reason for the attacks was for completely different reason. Damon attacked Bonnie with the mind set on attacking Emily, because Emily betrayed him. It had noting to do with Bonnie. When Damon attacked Elena, he was revisiting his past with Katherine, remembering the choice he made to spend eternity with her, it had nothing to do with...
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What I would have preferred to watch instead of Damon's narration in "The Last Dance".]

A few concerns of mine about one scene in "the last dance" that fortunately lead me, in the end, to consider new positive possibilities.

I loved the scenes Damon and Bonnie had, but there is one thing that I'd rather not have watched. (No I'm not talking about the "I would let Bonnie die" thing :P). Let me explain.
I understand that in order to create suspense we shouldn't now from the beginning that Bonnie wasn't going to die for real. After Damon closes her eyes and then moves Bonnie in the car, we have...
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Hi everyone!

I would like to really thank everyone that has added this story to their favorites/alerts. And yay I had my first review ever :D Thank 你 Pretty Lil Vampire!

So in this chapter we will see what the group will do in order to help Bonnie. In the 下一个 chapter I can ensure 你 that 你 will be surprised and that we will have much 更多 Bamon!

If I had to choose a song to go with this 秒 chapter it would be this one: AFI ~ Prelude

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

So have fun 阅读 :)

2. 吻乐队(Kiss) my Eyes and Lay me to Sleep

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1. Congratulations on winning FOTM for June, Ani! A prologue about how does it feel to be the FOTM of June?

Being FOTM, in one word, feels...SURREAL. It TRULY does. I'll like close my eyes and be like, did it really happen? Did I imagine it all, 或者 am I really FOTM for the Bamon spot??' It's so unbelievable, and I tell 你 I am the HAPPIEST person because of it. I am SO honored, so beside myself, and so ABSOLUTELY happy. But I won't go into things too much, because I discuss it in the closing 问题 for the interview! So...I hope 你 enjoy this! And I apologize in advance for the length! I'm...
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