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posted by dakotarocks1
ok lets get started #1 小狗 need to go out like every five min. #2 小狗 after they are done sleeping playing 或者 eating & dringing THEY NEED OUT. #3 你 need to feed 小狗 3 times a 日 when 你 eat breacfeast feed them, when 你 eat lunch feed them too!, and when 你 eat 晚餐 i bet 你 know what to do ( wink a winka). #4 小狗 need lots of attention 或者 else they will chey bite and 豌豆 and poop in the house; U NEED TO WATCH THEM! 5# 你 need to train your pup not to bite and when 你 give them a treat say EASY and then their name like when i feed my dog i say HAZLE EASY! and she listens and if 你 have 猫 please teach pups not to eat out of the litter box thats all the info i have for now because im learning how to take care of my 小狗 again Hazle