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If 你 hate MLP don't explode

Some help from a friend

Hope 你 enjoy

Osomatsu- Applejack

Karamatsu- 彩虹 Dash

Choromatsu- Twilight Sparkle

Ichimatsu- Fluttershy

Jyushimatsu- Pinkie Pie

Todomatsu- Rarity

Totoko- Princess Cadence

Iyami- Discord

Chibita- Spike

Hatabou- Undecided

Dekapan- Dr. Hooves

Dayon- Derpy Hooves

Atsushi- Filthy Rich

F6- Equestria Girls 彩虹 Rocks

coworkers- The Spa Twins

Akumatsu- King Sombra

Kamimatsu- Shining Armor

ESP Kitty- 天使 Bunny

Homura- Undecided

Nyaa Chan- Sunset Shimmer

Nyaa Chan's BF- Flash Sentry

Matsuyo- Mrs. Cake

Matsuzo- Mr. Cake

Flower Fairy- Ember

The God...
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嘿 guys!:D icuSTALKER here, and I copied and pasted from weirdo2's 'Amphitrite Club Rules Reposted' that I found in the HoO club. I found that they could help with some fanfictions if 你 need them. :) So just in case, I'm posting them here, though I know they were meant for the HoO club. But anyways, here they are!:D
Disclaimer: These epic rules were made 由 Amphitrite and HecateA. I only revised them :D


1. Chapter stories should go in the forum. Short stories (one chapter stories/one shots) go in the articles. It is annoying having to 搜索 out 文章 to find the specific...
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