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I’ve read many lists pointing out Twilight “Plot Holes”, but 更多 often than not, the lists aren’t very valid at all. Half of them are usually just complaints, pointing out something they don’t like about Twilight (Example:” Why would 吸血鬼 go to high school?”, 或者 “Why does Bella have so many friends?”). The rest are just factually incorrect, 或者 can be logically theorized. These are usually followed 由 “Stephenie Meyer obviously ditched history class”, 或者 “Hasn’t Stephenie ever heard of logic?”, 或者 my personal favorite, “I would know, I had a lesson about it...
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Hi there! This is my first 文章 on the C.A.T spot, about my least 最喜爱的 character in twilight. Actually, my least 最喜爱的 character in history.

Bella Swan.

I seriously can't see why so many twilight 粉丝 like her. She is 说 to be selfless, caring, understanding, and a good role model...when really she's the most selfish character in the whole book series.
Now then, here are several reasons why I dislike Bella.

1) Lack outside of Edward

Has Bella -even once- mentioned in any of the novels what she wanst to do with her life? (Besides wanting to be a vampire to be with Edward forever) Not...
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I have read all 图书 and seen the movies.
Most importantly, the fact that it’s 幻想 doesn’t excuse the themes and messages in the book. Fiction is merely a vehicle humans developed to communicate important lessons, values and philosophies. I am not claiming any of the implications I discuss were intentional on SMeyer’s part. Whether 或者 not the 作者 或者 readers are aware of it, though, the Twilight series communicates dangerous messages about what is acceptable 或者 admirable 或者 desirable.
Also, I highly recommend link. It’s long, but fascinating and deeper than the 图书 themselves....
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1. Twilight is the product of an immature writer. It reads like something out of my notebook from freshman year.
2. The only difference between Twilight and is marginally better grammar.
3. And even that isn’t so great sometimes. English major fail.
4. I’ve read fanfiction that is lightyears better than Twitripe.
5. The prose is purple amethyst! Deep, luscious, dazzling amethyst that scintillates and glitters incandescently in the sun!
6. Not to mention, it’s also insanely repetitive.
7. THESAURUS ABUSE! Fancy words are not necessarily better words.
8. The storyline is trite and...
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{edited, added some stuff, just an informal consideration of a few of the arguments that support the accusation}

"Bella 天鹅 is a sociopath."

It’s an extreme statement, to be sure. However, it’s not one to be dismissed offhand, without consideration towards its arguments.

First, here are a couple definitions of the term sociopath.
-Random House Dictionary:
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility 或者 social conscience.
-American Heritage Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:
Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal....
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Analyzing the Twilight Phenomena

First off, I’d like to mention that I am not a psychologist. Everything 你 read is just my own analyzing and since I am interested in Psychology and Behaviorism I decided to make an 文章 of what I think is the basic reason for Twilight’s enormous popularity. I hope 你 will enjoy it.

Recently I came across a post at the 论坛 that 说 about Twilight: ” [it’s] a bit childish to say its a failure, because if it is, then why do so many people (And not just crazy teenage girls either) 爱情 Twilight huh?”.

I have seen this argument countless of times...
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Dear Ms. Meyer,

Hi. I’m Tria. It’s nice to meet you. As 你 have probably guessed, I am 写作 to 你 concerning your series known as “The Twilight Saga.” If you’ll forgive me for being rude, I’d like to be blunt.

You fail.

Again, apologies for my rudeness. If you’ll allow me, I’m going to back up this assumption of your literary failure.

Let’s start with the plots, looking at each book individually, and then the 图书 as a whole.
Twilight: Barely has a plot. The book is 300 或者 so pages of nothing happening besides mooning on about Edward and his eyes. Then 你 throw in three...
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I don't like Twilight. I find the characters shallow; the plot boring and cliche; and the hidden messages frightening. But in the hands of another 作者 - someone who wouldn't let their religious upbringing, their misogynistic views, and their twisted romantic ideals colour the story - it could have been really fantastic.

First off, the grammar would have to be fixed. The purple prose minimised and the 总体, 整体 写作 polished up.

Next the characters would have to be made realistic, their actions have an effect on the plot, and their history an effect on them.

Take Rosalie, for example. If Rosalie's...
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