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posted by Cinders
 Larry the 南瓜
Larry the Pumpkin
The 南瓜 Poem
I shall call it the 南瓜 Poem
Because it is short and fat, like Larry
Who also looks like a pumpkin

When I was a junior in high school, I tried to gather together 365 poems together so I could make a calender. Actually, my target was at least four hundred, so I could weed out the bad ones. I 迷失 the introduction that I wrote for my teacher, but these poems are based on 随意 thoughts I'd have at one point 或者 another throughout the day. Most are funny, some are not. Generally, it's kind of how I like to see life. Happy, amusing, but very precious. So I present to 你 the Unfinished...
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Never before in the short time Cassie had spent on this earth, had the desire to escape burned so brightly within her. The damp soil clung to her delicate toes as she scampered through the wild, untamed grass. Such that it was miles high. 或者 so it appeared to her tiny form and limitless imagination. In truth the 草 merely tickled her knees as it reached up towards the sky in a desperate attempt to grasp just a single 射线, 雷 of sunlight. Not a blade prevailed.

The sky remained as dark as ever, the sun was not coming today. It rarely did in winter; it simply shrouded itself in rainclouds and...
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I wrote this poem, its not very gd, but i wanted some criticism, so i figured...well, here goes

Skeletal Kiss

Kisses from a skeleton.
A hand that cannot touch.
A nose that can't pick up the scent
Of perfumed skin, as such.

Sweet nothings from a skeleton,
Inspired 由 sightless eye.
Words tainted, 由 the rotted lips
Through which they must pass by.

Embraces from a skeleton.
The fault of broken heart,
Which used to rest in marrow cage
But now is gone, in part.

爱情 comes not from a skeleton,
From death, from lack of life.
It only lives in memory
Which lives through after life.

Ok, be honest, What do 你 guys think?
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Source: Me and paint.
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posted by edward-lover456
The Golden Tear part seven
please tell me if 你 want me to continue in the comments! enjoy!
I waited and waited and I thought the hole thing was a prank
but then Kyle finally can in the room and 说 "I'm sorry Eva there
was a million paschen's 你 must of thought I stud 你 up" I said
"yeah I kinda did but it's okay your here now" and then my mom
and Molly and David walked back into the room. Molly 说 "Mama
Eva we got 你 an ice cream!" and David 说 "yeah if grandma didn't
eat it all" and Mom 说 "ha ha very funny the only thing missing is
the cherries David and Molly" David 说 "Mama Eva...
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I stumbled upon link a while 以前 and decided that some of the points I made in a very long-winded 评论 on her poem were valid for the population of writers here on Fanpop, especially but not only beginning writers and those just venturing into the fascinating world of the written word.

I advised dear greek to use 更多 concrete 图片 in her 诗歌 to better express her mostly abstract ideas. (And greek, I hope 你 do not mind me using 你 as an example. If 你 do, please let your offense be known). She had written a lovely poem and titled it "My Life" and while the concept was genuine and...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
She watched them as they moved down her street.
They never saw her, took great care in looking away before she noticed their shamelessly wide eyes were glued to her body... or, 更多 importantly what she embodied: this world they lived in wasn't perfect.
Her presence there seemed to pollute their pretty city and just like the odd 啤酒 can 或者 stray McDonalds bag, they ignored her. She wasn't stupid though... she knew she was just as much an ornament as the ribbons that decorated the streetlights at this time of year, that she in fact blended in with the rest of the pavement and she herself was...
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posted by Little_Cullen
Hi everyone this is a poem I wrote the other day, I think it's supposed to have some hidden meaning, like, 你 know, money can't buy happiness and if 你 try to buy it your being ripped off... 或者 something... To be honest I don't really remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. Anyways, what do 你 think?

A Bag Of Happiness

I skip on down to the market,
With my pocket full of of magic beans,
I hand them to the vendor,
“A bag of happiness, please.”

He passes me over a drawstring bag,
Made of velvet, inky black,
I thank him with a friendly smile,
He smiles eerily back.

I hurry 首页 and pull the string,
Glad nobody was near,
But my face fell as I looked inside,
The little bag was bare.