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The book "Chaos Profiteers" demonstrates how bankers, central bankers and politicians run a boom-bust economy to rip off ordinary people.

A tremendously exciting thriller. A brutally honest 描述 of our society rigged to the benefit of bankers.

The 作者 asks a very interesting question: If the central banks "have" to print money to "support" the economy 或者 "fight deflation", why not just print the money and send it in equal amounts straight to the citizens rather than buying assets from banks at inflated prices 或者 offer banks unlimited loans at zero interest?

Based on a historical account for such ludicrous central bank policies the 作者 asks: Is someone benefiting from the banking madness? The narrative gives plenty of answers. And at the end of the book the 作者 proposes some tremendously simple remedies to stop the chaos profiteers.

Brilliant, shocking, impressive!
First off, some good points about this book: There are many subjects covered here. From the well known ( JFK, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot) to some lesser known theories ( FeeJee Mermaid, BlueBeard, Cardiff Giant ) All the subjects are broken down into descriptive bite-sized chunks of information, each grouped together with similar stories. There are inserts of photo's, sketches and 图片 of real life documents that relate to each theory.
Now the not so good: While it can be considered admirable not to pander to every strange 问题 或者 thought people might have about historical events with...
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