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My 最喜爱的 actors on Chicago P D
are Voight, of course, followed 由 Ruzek
Burgess and Trudy. Ruzek deserves 更多
air time.
He is resptful of Voight and would make a
good leader! As far as, Ruzek and Burgess....
it's way past time they get married. They
obviously are in 爱情 with each other.
Come on already, the audience is tired of
waiting for their wedding. Give their little
girl a real sense of a complete family. She
deserves that after all she's been through!!
Trudy plays like she's all tough, but in reality
she is like a big teddy bear.
posted by Gsbarratt
Atwater is so respecful of Voight and always follows his orders. Where as Halstead (Jay) is disrespectful to Voight and went as far to tell him that he didn't trust him anymore, plus he always calls Voight out in front of the entire team.
I think it's long overdue that Atwater gets a larger foll in the series. As far as Jay, I think Voight needs to get rid of him. When he's on assignment and disagrees with Voight, he just does what he thinks is right in violation of Voight's orders. He's no longer a team player and can't be trusted. Last but not least, it's time for Ruzek and Burgess to get married. It's obvious that they 爱情 each other. Please give Atwater a 更多 important roll and get rid of Jay!! Make the audience happy and keep them satisfied.