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posted by sylar_rocks
This is a really cute Cesc interview where he talks about Carla a lot..

Congratulations on becoming the captain of Arsenal. Are 你 enjoying bossing the others?

No, I don’t boss anybody! In England, captain is a very big thing. Everybody looks at him to be always at the top, so it’s a huge responsibility.

You came to England from Spain when 你 were just 16. Was it hard?

It was difficult for the first five months 或者 so, but I was training with the first team every now and then, which made it all worth it.

Do 你 get homesick?

I miss my family, but I’m quite independent. I moved out of home...
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posted by kristine95
First I just wanna say that this is my first 文章 on Fanpop! and I'd really preciate if 你 could leave a 评论 and say what 你 think. I didn't copy it from anything, just listned too the original interview and wrote down. If 你 wanna see the interview, just click on this link: link And yes, I know some of the 问题 are taken away, but that couse I didn't understand what they said. I'm not English 你 know. ;D

If 你 had to sing a song at karaoke, what would it be?
- Maybe it would be a Spanish song. I don’t know which one of them. I’m not a quicker thinker right know, so I can...
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Cesc has recovered from his injury. Wenger told the Arsenal official site that:“Fabregas is back.And we are very happy to have him back.”

Fabregas talked to the Evening Standard and 说 he didn’t regret playing against Aston Villa:

“My hamstring injury has kept me out of the last few games but I was pleased to be able to make an impact from the bench against Villa.I hate being on the bench so much. Any time I am asked to warm up the adrenaline is there because I want to get on the pitch.

“I picked up my injury when I scored the 秒 goal. If I had not made the 50-yard sprint, then...
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Cesc still insists he is happy at Arsenal and that there there is still alot for him to do in the Premier League.

Cesc is currently Arsenal’s 最佳, 返回页首 scorer with 12 goals. His last appearance was a cameo against Aston Villa, in which he netted two goals. However, the goals and win over 别墅 was overshadowed as Cesc aggravated his hamstring problem, which he had just returned from.

“There has been talk about Real and Barça since the summer and the only thing I am doing is thinking about my club, Arsenal, and seeing how I can help my team mates,” Cesc said.

“The only thing that concerns me...
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