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posted by Cliff040479
Cassie's blog

Posted on 14/12/2007

Hello, 或者 namaste. My name is Cassie. 或者 Meera nam Cassie hai. Namaste is Hindi for ‘I bow to you’ - isn't that amazing? I can also say "what time is lunch?" in Czech. I think it’s "V kolik hodin he obed?" Isn’t that cool? So now 你 know that I'd never go hungry in the Czech Republic. It’s not good to go hungry. I can say I 爱情 你 in seven different languages. In Czech it’s "milnji te." Talking of love, wow, I 爱情 love. 爱情 is like your best friend that 你 don’t see a lot. 你 know they’re always there but they’re just hard to get hold...
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posted by Cliff040479
Cassie Ainsworth

My name is Cassie and I am seventeen.

I collect 爱情 心 sweets: 你 can change the messages if 你 scratch them, 你 just need a pin. I like foreign packaging on snack foods. And Japanese toys. When I was little I used to make sculptures out of my mashed potato, like, a snowman with peas for eyes. I don’t think I’ve grown up. I think some biscuits are like lego blocks. Rich teas have to be stacked in fours. I like symmetry.

I like holding my baby brother, Reuben. He has this way of looking at me and I know he understands exactly what’s going on. He’s a baby genius....
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