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posted by Faerie0975
Welcome to the spot I've created for my BFFAEAEAE, Carly Mae!!! Well, Carly, but on here she's Carly_Mae... So yeah. She's a beautiful person and I've known her since... Since... Kindergarten, I think? A long time, anyways. (P-GIRLS UNITE!) In the summer we always go to the 海滩 with our other BFF, Beccy, and we eat ice cream and possibles (popsicles, for those of 你 who aren't me 或者 Carly 或者 Beccy) and drink green 可乐 或者 energy drinks... And we run away from the rapist and make a monster... Shall I explain so that 你 don't think we're certifiably insane?

Basically, me and Car were exploring...
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posted by Faerie0975
This morning I had my last exam (Science, blech). Afterwards Carly phoned me and we went to hang out at Matticks Farm. I got there first and went to buy 食物 (because I was hungry) while I waited for her. We always go to Matticks in the summer because it's almost in the middle of my house and Car's house. Anyways, I came back out and Carly was standing there talking to my mom (!) on the phone, 'cause she didn't know where I was.

By the way, 你 don't have to read this unless it's the only interesting thing 你 can find, which would be sad. Although it does get pretty interesting soon.

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posted by klyclrksn_fan77

Sorry, I'm hyper.


Some things about myself:

•For breakfast today, I had 烤面包, 吐司 with honey. Yum.
•Me and my two BFFs have a strong belief in the back of our minds that vampires, witches, shapeshifters, faeries, dragons, etc. do exist somewhere, 或者 did at one point.
•My favourite 图书 are: The Hunger Games, the Twilight Saga (but only because once you're in 你 can't get out...), Harry Potter, Night World, Beautiful Creatures and the House of Night series.
•My favourite TV shows are: Vampire Diaries (which, 由 the way, is NOT copying Twilight!...
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