Build-A-Bears What Buildabears Do 你 Have

shazyrach posted on Sep 04, 2010 at 04:17PM
I have a mint chocolate icecream bear
and a hellokitty 35th anninversary bear and i've got a speical hellokitty and a normal hellokitty.

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一年多以前 brieanna-s said…
big smile
We have Marvelous Monkey, Chocolate Cub, a full sized turkey, and a smaller turkey. I live near a Rainforest Cafe and have thought about going there and getting the snake but I haven't done it yet.
一年多以前 nic6564 said…
I got a endless hugs teddy and a darling doggy pink. I also have a wedding dress and i love you heart pillow.I also have a bear carrier and underwear.I also got a love heart dress.