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posted by boomerlover
"Bryce?" Becky cried as she nudged him. "Bryce, get up."

"Becky, send someone for help. I can't hold on much longer..." he coughed.

"No! I'm not leaving you!" She cried even harder.

"Well, if-f 你 want-t me t-to-oo stay, you'd bet-t-er go get someone!" He 说 quietly.

"I'll send out a distress call to let 猫 from our Clan know we're out here..." She said.

She threw her head into the air, while standing on hind legs, and let out an ear-splitting meow that cut the silence of the night. She landed back down and laid 由 Bryce's side.

"Bryce, we'd better get off the Thunderpath. I don't really want...
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posted by schnoodle11
"I can't believe you, Echo," 奶油, 奶油糖果 scolded her pregnant friend. "This has to be the stupidest thing done in the history of medicine cats. What were 你 thinking?!" 奶油, 奶油糖果 practically screamed the last part. "I-I don't know...All I know is that my kits need a home," Echo paused, "But not with me," She added. 奶油, 奶油糖果 turned around and faced the medicine cat, saying nothing. "Please, Butterscotch, please," she begged, "Be their mother." 奶油, 奶油糖果 was shocked. Of all people, Echo had chosen her to take care the most precious thing a she-cat could be given. For Butterscotch...
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posted by Clicky_Possible
Long time no tap,ay?Well,yes,I'm here,and 写作 for you. I'm afraid this is my last visit to this,but I may come again :) Anyway,I'm telling 你 that I wont be here that much to talk to me,but be sure to check me out over here, link That's a page I'm on constantly,so if 你 wanna check out my improvement,go on there. Yeah... I wasn't on here for a LOOONG time,I see Fanpop's changed. I mean,what are those awards,I don't get it. I wrote this here,cos most of 你 guys visit this page and watch it :D Anyway,to all of my good friends,and bad as much,I 爱情 you(as friends),and never ever forget...
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I KNOW 你 PEOPLE HATE HIM, BUT I FOR ONE AM A HUGE 粉丝 :D This is a 预览 of a video I'm working on <3 frames for 8 秒 worth of animation.....103. :O Imagine how many when I'm done! X(
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