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(Mojo Jojo was again beated 由 PPGZ, so they flew home. Bubbles was actually going to the place she saw Boomer.So there is where we continue the story...:3)

BUBBLES(thinking): He must be here again!

(And she was right! Boomer was passing the street,and just when he got on the other side,he found Bubbles in front of him.)

BOOMER:Whoa! Bubbles! What are 你 doin' here!

BUBBLES: Where here? In...front of 你


BUBBLES:I just came to...see you.

BOOMER:Why would 你 want to see me?

BUBBLES:Because...(blushes)I like you.

BOOMER:WHAT?!?!?!?!(in shock,but blushes too)

BUBBLES:I knew it!...
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(Bubbles flying around, and feeling sad.)

BUBBLES:What's my problem?Why am I sad? I need someone!(sits on the 最佳, 返回页首 of the building and starts to cry) I NEED SOMEONE!!!

(Then she sees Boomer walking down the street.She flies down to him.)

BUBBLES:(Wipes tears off)Okay,Boomer!What are 你 up to?!? And where are your brothers?!?

BOOMER: I'm okay,Bubbles.My brothers are home.I'm just...walking.

BUBBLES: Really?(blushes) 你 never did that before.


BUBBLES:You never took a walk.(Looks down,because blushing more.)Before.

BOOMER:Y-y-yeah...And what are 你 doing? Here?

BUBBLES: I'm.. Flying.(Looks at Boomer's eyes)

(They are staring at each other's eyes and they...)

(As we know Bubbles and Boomer were staring at each others eyes and they were so close to 吻乐队(Kiss) when Bubbles turned her head on left then she looks down.)

BUBBLES:I-I...I'm sorry Boomer...My... Fault.

BOOMER:No...Its my..Fault.

(Bubbles flies away and she left some tears on the floor.While she was flying home,Boomer was watching her beautiful light blue track that she left behind her.)

BOOMER:(thinking)Oh,Bubbles! I 爱情 你 but how to say that??

In the city.Next day.

BLOSSOM: Bubbles cover me! Mojo is gonna go back to the cage!

(Bubbles didn't listened to Blossom,so Blossom gets hit 由 Mojo.)

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Well, in this spot... Yes, it's for bubbles and boomer demmo....PPGZ- Bubbles/ Miyako is better for Taka-chan/ Cody. And.. Well, I do like Bubbles with Boomer but in PPGD and PPG but not PPGZ. It says that the PPGZ girls is 13 years old meanwhile the RRBZ is 10. Pretty young right? They're even shorter than the PPGZ. Well, Miyako/ Bubbles Z is better to go with Cody. From the flashback of her with Cody when they were young, I believe that Cody is now 14. A 年 older than Bubbles Z/ Miyako. AHHHHHHHH...... Easy to say, I think that the PPGZ doesn't suit RRBZ. PPG/ PPGD....... maybe but not PPGZ. The difference between RRB-RRBD-RRBZ is that they look so immature comparing to the RRB and RRBD.

The RRBZ is pretty cute though but aha! They're immature. That's the problem. Maybe I could accept it if they are 更多 mature.

Well, that's the end of my lecture. Hope my words didn't hurt anyone and if yes, please forgive me...^^