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posted by seaweedbrainsis
Name: Atlanta Jackson
Gender: Female
Age: Thirteen
Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan
Quote: Just add water.

About Me: Daughter of Poseidon. Been kicked out of seven schools (not bragging 或者 anything). I usually get into trouble when I vaporize a monster teacher 或者 accidentally blow up the gymnasium 或者 some little thing like that.

Who I’d Like to Meet: Pretty much anyone who doesn’t want to kill me.

Interests: Chilling at Camp Half-Blood, skateboarding, sword-fighting, basketball, questing with my friends, staying alive.

Music: If it’s on, I’ll listen to it, unless it’s like Frank Sinatra....
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Name: Blaze Phoenix.

Greek Name: Flóga Foínix (φλόγα Φοίνιξ)

Latin Name: Aestuo Phoenix

Age: Unknown, looks about 13-15

Immortal Parent: Ares, Greek God of War

Powers: Fire

Weapon: Pyro: A red 10 foot sword that has powers of fire. It changes into a silver chain necklace. He needs to break the 项链 for it to change. He needs to twist the hilt in a special sequence for it to change back.

Personality: Moody, sometime he changes his emotions. Hides his sadness

Appearance: 橙子, 橙色 hair, blood red eyes.

Background: He was found in a forest fire, in a a cradle. He was then brought to an orphanage...
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posted by Bookruler133
My oc:

Name:Brooke Smith


Godly Parent:Demeter

Mortal Parent:Joseph Smith. He's a tall red head with green eyes and light skin.

Mortal Family: Her grandmother, Nacy Boliva. She was a a small healthy woman who loved to read.

Hometown: Wellsten City. I made it up.

Eye Color:Green

Hair Color:Red and wavy.

Hair Style:Either loose with a hippie headband on her head 或者 in a 小马 tail with some loose strands in the front.

Skin Color:Fair

Height: Average

Body Type: I would say fit but not too fit.

Summer/Spring Clothing: Blouses, floral paterned skirts and shorts. With red cowgirl bots 或者 blue hightops.

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posted by ConnerandTravis
Name: James

IP: Hermes

Powers: super fast, lie/steal/prank, make own swords

Gender: Male

Age: 15 turning 16

Personality: Outgoing, bad temper, troublemaker.

Weapon: Sword he made when he was 12

Appearance: Black hair, blue shirt, brown shorts, black sunglasses.

Other: Can't go anywhere without someone watching him, never knew his mom, was thought to be a son of Ares because of his black hair and bad temper, always wearing sunglasses
posted by Bookruler133
Okay people. This is how my roleplay works. First 你 have to write about your character in a 文章 in this club. Tells what your demigod looks like, their personality and all of that juicy stuff. Next, 你 need to make a picture of your character 或者 post one. (There are some websites in the link section.) 你 can play your character through 论坛 and such. The pictures of your character will go in images. 你 can take create 民意调查 asking about things for your character 或者 the activities. 测验 and 答案 can be about the camp activities. Example: should we have capture the flag on Friday?. They can also be about the series. Nothing else! On the 墙 post whatever the heck 你 want. Got it? Still need some answers, having trouble contact me through private messaging. I think I covered everything. See ya!

Brooke, daughter of Demeter.