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as u know booboo stewart is an actor, singer, and martial arts chambion. he is really great. and i 爱情 him.

a lot of people probably have websites dedicated 2 him. but one fansite that sticks out above any is...

this website has info, videos, pictures, forums, and other stuff. like a guest book that u can talk 2 other 粉丝 through. they also have a conest 2 get a prize from booboo himself. the makes of this website r, annie, brittni, and dana. they r awesome girls. =) they're website is a great website and one that u should definetly check out if u r a 粉丝 of boo boo.

also booboo himself actually gave a shoutout 2 teambooboo on his youtobe account, ren4165.

so like i 说 if ur a 粉丝 of booboo's then go checkout this website. =)
posted by teamboobooseth
Booboo Stewart (born Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.; January 21, 1994) is an American singer, dancer, model, child actor, and martial artist. He was a member of the 唱歌 group T-Squad until they disbanded in 2008. He is now 唱歌 with his sister, Fivel Stewart.

In 2006, he played Ben Conrad in the independent film The Conrad Boys, directed 由 geenie in a bottle, and also hosted six episodes of children's 显示 Blue 海豚 Kids. He toured with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus in her Best of Both Worlds Tour featuring the Jonas Brothers. He will also be playing Boo Boo in the upcoming independent film...
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