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posted by bcthestrongest
 them as animed
them as animed
Mrs brainy jojo-she is full of joy but press her buttons she will kill u superpower worldspin
Mrs belly jojo-she is full of sugar but call her ugly she will hurt u to 下一个 week
Mrs bruise jojo -she is full of action but threat her life she will put u in the hospital for months
these girls are the rowdypuff girls their mothers are the rowdyruff girls and fathers the powerpuff boys they all are ready for action no matter the cause they save the city of clipsville before their aunts and uncles knew about them
 bruise a mixed up girl looksl like her mother 更多
bruise a mixed up girl looksl like her mother more
Britain , Bella call's her stupidly older brothter he called bake wat sister she told him call mom he asked why she yelled she was pregnant with her exboy fangs baby and she was sore from all the moves the baby had made but wat skard her even 更多 was bc taken care of it she was unhappy but blossom and brick can 或者 her mom and dad but wat abowt butch but .9mths passed and gave berth to Brianna and Brooklyn Thay were twens and at this vary 日 Thay r 2 years old and thay take after there mom and there new dad Brian and he has a blast with Bella and fangs kids and Thay all 爱情 one another

The end