Being Yourself Gf spends way too much money on online shopping

ford79 posted on Apr 20, 2018 at 01:27AM
My gf is seriously bugging me with her online shopping expenses. Ever since she’s gotten a debit card from her new job, she’s been spending non stop on useless clothes. One example is her buying a winter jacket when she lives in the Philippines which is a TROPICAL country. She also makes up her own reasons on why she buys them in the first place. Her reason for the jacket was so she could wear it when she comes to “visit me and it might be winter.” Seriously guys… I don’t know what to do about this.

The first time we met during an Asian dating tour, she didn't strike me as someone materialistic. Ever since we got together shortly after, she never asked me for anything. Then all of a sudden when she got her new job at a big company, she’s been shopping non stop. She’s even sent me gifts online! I’m just really concerned about her spending habits and savings. How can I approach this to her nicely? Should I even bring this up with her at all? She explains to me that she knows what she’s doing but as someone who’s much older than her, I’m not so sure that she does.

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