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1.'Everything has it's season'

Could easily be a reference to Barney and Robin. Especially when coupled with 'turns out that they really did just need to let things run their course.', That means the season of exposed skin is over and Robin then sundressing up.

2.The church where the wedding takes place is the same church where James's dad works.

3. Robin asked Ted to be her best man.

4. Robin's 夏装, 裙子, 太阳裙 is white.

5. Neither Barney nor Robin are shown in the flashforward.

6. Barney declared at the end of S5 that he 'must have Robin back' and he has never claimed to be over that.

7. The hints that they still liked each other at the beginning of S6.

8. The Mother doesn't have to know Barney 或者 Robin to meet Ted at their wedding. Ted met Victoria at a wedding because she made the cake.

Anything else 你 guys can think of please mention below and I'll add to the 列表 :)
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