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he reviewed the 1st movie couple years 以前
balto 2
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These is a flashback chapter focus on Saba. I don't own Universal Studios 或者 this film series.
Nome, Alaska, 1925.

A red-furred, two-month old Alaskan Husky-Wolf hybrid was howling on the backyard of her new home. She had quite a spirit. She was Balto's pup.

"I've got a neeeew home,
Aaaall alone,
I've found neeew home,
On my own."

"Not exactly Saba." Another pup called out. " Dakota and I are with you."

"I know, Dingo." Saba retorted. " Don't 你 have a 袜子 你 need to be chewing on?"

"Hey now." Dakota waddled through. " Let's not fight. Dad promised he would always check up on all of us.

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This takes place after Wings of Change. I don't own the films. This will focus on Saba.

It's was another winter in Nome, Alaska. Children were running in their coats playing with their dogs, on a snow covered 海滩 were three red adult Alaskan Husky-Wolf hybrids. A large male named Dingo, a slender female named Saba, and a another male named Dakota, whose red 涂层, 外套 went through the bridge of his nose.

"Cold air we have today." Dingo sniffed.

"Dingo baby." Saba laughed. "This is Alaska. Snow, Sun, rain, 或者 shine, the air is always cold.


"Bet 你 feel dumb." Dakota teased as he dug through...
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 "Your not Touching this 箱, 板条箱 Alive!"
"Your not Touching this crate Alive!"
Within blades of white snow under a setting sky, the clouds holding plumes of a gentle 金牌 sun, Balto sharply drew in the wind. He noticed the light the background, a shimmering 星, 星级 hidden within the trees of a mountain valley as well as the frosty blizzard.
Balto darted across the valley edge drawing closer to the lone twinkling on the light. 星, 星级 was the first to spot Balto as he spoke the wolfdog's name, the other 狗 looked and seemed thankful to see the wolfdog for once, all except Steele.
Steele snarled darkly to himself standing to watch the mutt look around. His eyes glared to...
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Star, Humphrey, Kaltag and the other at least 50 狗 get home. 由 the way I found out the names of the 3 Omegas Humphrey hangs out with.

星, 星级 and Humphrey were relieved they were out of it.
“After that, I need some pepperoni, HOTPOCKETS!!!” 星, 星级 said.
Humphrey was flying at least 10,000 ft above the hurricane.
“Damn, that’s an awesome view!”
星, 星级 came back.
“This is good, want a bite?”
Humphrey took a bite.
“Am I in heaven?”
“It’s that good.”
Kate came and knocked on the door.
“Hey Star, since 你 say driving school is so much better than...
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There were a team of 狗 pulling a dog sled in a race. They thought they were safely in the lead when another team of 狗 were right behind them. The lead dog of that team and Balto had been rivals for years. That dog’s name was Steele. The bad dog everyone thought was good. There were two cliffs a little ways up where both teams couldn’t make the clearance.
“Steele we’re not going to make it.” A dog named 星, 星级 from behind called out to Steele.
“Shut up” Steele 说 as he kicked 星, 星级 in the face.
Steele focused on the third dog’s feet on the other team. He had an idea....
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