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posted by zanhar1
First and foremost, I am not 由 any means a professional (I think that's a 给 though) this is simply my sort of speculation and opinion as to what she'd be diagnosed with based on what knowledge I have of psychology. A lot of the following 语录 and information will be pulled from my abnormal psyc textbook and will be cited in MLA format (because I'm a dork like that and I'm used to it).


There are actually a few disorders I could see her having some less so than others. But above all I would diagnose her with schizophrenia...above all the paranoid type. "People with paranoid...
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Before anything else is stated I want it to be known that I do 爱情 both Azula and Zuko; so no this isn't gonna be a Zuko hate/bash Zuko article.

So instead of getting straight into the actual matter of the agni kai, I'd like to go over why I think Azula in general is 更多 powerful than Zuko. This I will post from an older 文章 (so if 你 read this one 你 may as well just scroll down lol); First and foremost, the obvious; Azula has Blue 火, 消防 (supposedly hotter than any other fire) on the show. This is something unique to Azula and Azula alone. Where as Bloodbending is not unique to Katara....
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So after a long while I decided I'd make an 文章 discussing my general take on a few of the most common reasons users say they hate Kataang. Before getting into any of that I'm not trying to get anyone to change their opinion nor am I trying to stir anything up. But feel free to 辩论 and give your own opinions.

So the first thing I see a lot is;
Aang is way too old for Katara.

I personally believe that Aang is only 12; he is physically and mentally so. This would make him only 2 years younger than Katara. Whereas Zuko is about 17 making him 3 years older than Katara. So really if anyone...
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There will be spoilers of parts in the episode Sozin's Comet. So I suggest 你 watch that episode before 阅读 this.

I need to calm down. I've been upset too much in this amount of time.

What is wrong with me?

Where did that come from? I REALLY need to calm down. I'm thinking things that I can't control, like thinking about....

I'm not going to say it.

My mother.

*sigh* of course I thought it. I would be so happy, not remembering her, but the thought of her hating me..

My own mother hated me.

My own mother..

Well, it's time to get ready for my coronation.

Wait until mom sees my now! The new fire...
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posted by zanhar1
It was a soothing sound. The water lapping against the stones.

Azula picked at a loaf of bread—contrary to 流行的 belief, she’d stopped chucking whole loaves of 面包 at the 龟, 海龟 ducks when she was about ten. She flicked a chink into the water and watched as the turtleducks flocked to it.

6:00 was always Azul’s 最喜爱的 time of day. She found a sort of secret enjoyment in watching the 日 close. The 颜色 were always so warm and vibrant.

She let herself fall back into the grass, dark hair fanning out around her. It wasn’t too hot nor too cold. A sunset in July, at least around these...
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posted by EvanlovesAzula
Okay, so one of the things i 爱情 best about this 显示 was the way in which it had a subtle commentary on gender roles. I know, 你 may ask "so, what?" 或者 "why is this important?" Well, I'll tell you.

Often, females are portrayed as supporting characters to the all-important male protagonist. Here, this is not the case. While i am indeed a guy, i like to see that screenwriters have progressive attitudes when it comes to gender roles. If 你 notice, Katara is the one who brings Aang along with her, not the other way around. Often, she plays the teacher and not the damsel in distress.

Toph is,...
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5. Sokka
Mai used to be on this rank. But now I hate her so I put Sokka here XD Sokka is a really funny character. He can crack a joke even at the worst moments. Besides being funny, Sokka is pretty 《勇敢传说》 and fun to hang around with. I have many other reasons but I think this is enough.

 5. Sokka ♥
5. Sokka ♥

4. Toph
From the moment I saw Toph, I knew that she'd be a great character. And now, she's in my 最佳, 返回页首 five! The thing I 爱情 most about Toph is how she always calls Aang nicknames like 'Twinkletoes'. She even calls him that when they became grown-ups XD Toph is also strong, 《勇敢传说》 and funny. I know...
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posted by stellamusa101
Are 你 Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko 或者 Azula? Take the 测试 and find out!

1.What is your 最喜爱的 color?
a. All bright colors
b. Blue
c. Light-blue
d. Green - I 爱情 nature
e. 橙子, 橙色 because I'm strong
f. Red - I'm fierce and smart

2. What is your 最喜爱的 hobby?
a. Training
b. Learning new skills
c. Joking and learning new jokes
d. Argue with someone 或者 pick something out
e. Look at what people are doing
f. Remembering your past

3. What is your 最喜爱的 sport?
a. I don't know
b. All
c. Badminton
d. Something that involves kicking
e. Boxing
f. Anything but 网球

4. How do people describe 你 as?
a. Very fun...
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posted by Spottedtail139
" Ayla!" Aang started but we both knew that he was the avatar

and he and Katara need to learn Waterbending and I could

teach it to them I was only 10 but I was still taller than Aang I

could pass as a 14 years old." Ok let's start" I 说 Frist I

showed them how to pull the water, then I showed them to make

a big wave. Aang wouldn't do the Waterbending skills because

he's a baby and doesn't what Katara to know he's the Avatar.

" Wow thanks Ayla!" Katara 说 happy with the skills she had

learned. " Your welcome" I said.

" Gran Gran doesn't know we're out here let's go to the village"

Katara said....
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A week has past and Azula feels as if she has changed. She felt slightly 更多 concern and kindness for people who she normally wouldn't care about. One 日 some 火, 消防 nation guards were attacking a family. It was a single mother with two children. She couldn't pay her bills to the 火, 消防 nation so they decided to take away her children. She tried to get them back but they held her back.

Jet saw this and ran right to them to help but they grabbed him and were going to kill him. Azula saw this and wasn't sure what to do. Her mission was about to be complete but she just couldn't let it happen. So...
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posted by Gretsel
Some informations about her :-)
Information by:wikia

"You're looking at the only Waterbender in the whole South Pole."
— Katara telling Aang why she's in need of a teacher in The Boy in the Iceberg

Katara is a powerful female Waterbender. She was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe 由 her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her older brother Sokka. Katara was the last Waterbender in her tribe and led a normal teenage life for a Southern Water Tribe girl, until she and her brother discovered...
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this made me really happy when i read it!! i agreed with it alot!!

The action 幻想 "The Last Airbender" about people who can command fire, air, water and earth now controls something else: the Razzie awards for Hollywood's worst film achievements of 2010.

"The Last Airbender" led Saturday's Razzies with five awards, among them worst picture, worst director and worst screenplay for M. Night Shyamalan.

The movie also received Razzies for worst supporting actor (Jackson Rathbone, who was cited for both "The Last Airbender" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse") and for a special award, worst eye-gouging...
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"Toph,could 你 please call everyone to the main room for lunch?" Katara asked, spooning steamed 白饭, 大米 into some 瓷, 瓷器 bowls. Toph sighed, got up, and stomped her feet. A ripple spread out, shaking the entire temple. Katara flinched.

"LUNCH!" hollered Toph. She sat back down and went back to picking her toes. Katara gave her an " Seriously, can't 你 get anything down in a civilized way?" look.
Toph shrugged.
"No, I can NOT...
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Based on ep 5
Aangs point of view:
(I liked spending time with katara.I have alot of fun with her.Today we went to the park with her brother sokka and we had alot of fun together.Then we went to her house.She was saying something but I
got zoned out 由 my thoughts)
Katara: so Aang, this is my room.
(wow she looks preety)
Katara: Helloo, Aang?
Aang: Oh sorry katara, I like your room
Katara: Thanks, so, what do 你 want to do?
(I was gonna say something but her father came in)
Hakoda: Katara have 你 done your chores?
Katara: Yea I have. Aang this is my dad,Dad meet Aang.
Hakoda: So your Katara´s new...
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posted by Elemental-Aura
I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (Movie) today I'm telling 你 now, do not watch this movie because it'll ruin your feelings towards Avatar: The Last Airbender (anime series)

The movie as I predicted was going to bad, not as good as the 日本动漫 series.

Let's start off with Aang being released within the ice. No it wasn't the lovely Katara's waterbending that freed him, it was Sokka's good old boomerang in the hands of Katara that freed Aang.

They messed a lot of other bits in the movie of Book one of 阿凡达 pretty badley.
1. There was no Suki, 或者 the Kyoshi Warrior

2. No Jet 或者 Freedom Fighters...
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My story.
“The 爱情 in this room is just stunning me with joy and hope!” I 说 to all of my family and friends. “And hope, and 更多 hope!”
    “Yue, it isn’t like the world without hope is going to kill you,” Mai 说 putting on another 涂层, 外套 of her black lipstick. “I mean all these years I learned to deal with it. Just suck it up, and give everybody a hug. Not me, I’m clean,” She made a 交叉, 十字架 with her index fingers.
    Azula stood and gave me an embracive hug. “Welcome to the family, sister! We will be glad to include 你 in our...
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posted by avatarluver990
Part 2: Katara

Even tough I had to push Sokka's rusty old car ALL the way to school, I still arrived to class right on time! Lucky me!

The teacher still didn't came when I arrived, as usual. I was heading towards my seat, when I passed 由 Zuko's desk.
There was something odd about him. I glanced at him to have a better look. He wore bandages covering his left eye; this was very strange.
"Zuko, what's wrong with your eye?" I asked him.
He glanced at me, then turned his head away.
"Nothing." he grumbled.
"Are 你 sure? There are bandages covering your eye--"
"I'm fine!" Zuko raised his voice, still facing...
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posted by KataraLover
Azula is very afraid that team 阿凡达 won't help her, she'll never get to the northern water tribe and will be under the curse forever. Jet got her to the 茉莉, 茉莉花 茶 Shop, Azula was even 更多 nervous, they might take her back to the crazy house.

"Hey Aang, Katara" 说 Jet

"Jet 你 alive" 说 Katara

"I told 你 I'd be okay" 说 Jet

"It's nice to see you. But why are 你 here?" 说 Jet

"I have a friend who needs your help" 说 Jet

"Who" asked Katara

"Her" 说 Jet as he pointed to Azula

"Who is she and why does she need our help" asked Aang

"She needs to get to the northern water tribe" 说 Jet...
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posted by ihateyoualltime
In my opinion these sould be the real
avatar and these are fake and there
are some people who are in to cupples

katara & zuko- when zuko joins "team avtar" in the
last cupple of eps,zuko seems to take a shine
of interest in kartara and is always with her 或者 sitting 下一个 to her,so it would seem that they
should end up togeather

aang & toph-becase shes always makeing up
"cute" little nick names for him like twinkl toes
and always makeing fun of his "girlY" was

katara & jed- omg when aang and his trops come
aross this kids living in tress,katara like stright away falls inlove with him and...
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This 由 far was the most epic episode I have seen in the entire series. Starting with Aang and Zuko's firebending training, right down to the final scene with Katara and Aang(nearly cried, but was clapping). It even seemed that Sokka's jokes were funnier! In my opinion, the best battle was Azula and Zuko's. The best moment was definetly a tie between Prince Zuko being introduced as the 火, 消防 Lord and the Final scene with Katara and Aang(no spoiler). The most epic moment, definitvely was the scene when Aang was securing 火, 消防 Lord Ozai and taking his bending skill away. Strangely, it can't be the end! Zuko met up with his father at the end to ask him about his ,supposedly dead, mother's whereabouts.

Rating out of 5 stars: 5